Saturday 12 September 2020

Week 37 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

We have had such a busy week. The kids went back to school and college. They had have settled back in well and Stu and I went into town to do a bit of shopping and of course it was Becky's 18th birthday. She had the best day, she got everything she wanted and more. I am glad it's the weekend now I could do with a rest. 

Now for a photo every day!

249/366 - 5th September
One of the photos I took for a game I featured on my blog. The Game of HAM. It's an adult only game which is sort of like cards against humanity but with a board to play on too.

250/366 - 6th September
Bag and school shoes ready for the return to school. Ellie was very excited but a little nervous at the same time. She's had a fab week at school.

251/366 - 7th September
Stu and I went into town to get the last of the things for Ellie's birthday. Most of our buys came from Primark.

252/366 - 8th September
I got on with wrapping Becky's birthday presents.

253/366 - 9th September
Becky is only at college one day a week and this week she hasn't had much work to do. There was a lot of sitting about playing on electronics. 

254/366 - 10th September
Becky's 18th birthday! She loves her new laptop!

255/366 - 11th September
I've gone over to the dark side and I am trying the new "blogger" interface. It's better now then when I last tried it a few months ago but it's going to take some getting used to. You reading shouldn't notice any difference it's just me in the back end of it that does. Buttons have moved and some things are a different but I will get the hang of it eventually.

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  1. Happy 18th to Becky! The laptop looks good!

    Loving the school bag, looks so colourful.Glad she had a good week at school!

  2. Happy 18th to Becky. Wow, a grown up! Apart from setting up N's blog with his 1 blog post he wrote for it, I've not touched blogger for years. Hope you get used to it fairly fast.

  3. Happy 18th birthday to Becky! You are mother to a grown up! Hope you get used to the new blogger without too much stress.

  4. Happy 18th to Becky! A laptop is a fab gift! I have tried the new Blogger, but found it not to my taste. It's OK for stats, but I don't find it easy for editing. And it's a shame they will force everyone to go for the new version from the end of this month. I wish we had a choice.

  5. I love board games and spent some time trying to see the cards in more detail - but I couldn't. Looks like a good week for the family. #MMBC

  6. Glad Becky and Ellie have settled in well back at school and college and that Becky had a lovely 18th birthday. That game sounds like fun. Good luck with getting to grips with the new Blogger interface. I'm still avoiding the newer block editor on Wordpress. #project366

  7. Happy 18th to Becky. I hope you get used to it, I hate when things change xx

  8. That first week at school is always tiring. I feel shattered this weekend. Happy 18th Birthday to Becky glad she had a brilliant day. I am still not looking at the new one for Wordpress.... if we go into lockdown again I may consider it. But I am not good with change!

  9. So glad Ellie enjoyed her return to school! Wow you are the proud owner of an 18 year old now! How crazy is that. Glad she loved her laptop. I haven't changed mine I don't think, it looks the same at the moment but I probably should update something again soon!

  10. Glad to hear Becky's birthday went well and that back to school was problem free. I stuck with the new blogger interface so I'm used to it now but I still prefer the old one.

  11. Happy belated birthday to Becky: an adult! I hate the updated wordpress interface and gone back to classic, same with Facebook but I know they are switching permanently soon: hope Bloggers is easier! #project366

  12. Happy 18th birthday to Becky, hope she had an amazing day