Friday 4 September 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Resolved! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I could have gone with stressed for my word of the week but I have decided to go with resolved because all the little things I was stressing about this past week has been sorted.

I mentioned the laptop we had bought my teen for her birthday in my Word of the Week post in July. We were messed about by the website Ebuyer who still haven't got it in stock despite saying they'd have it in on 3 different occasions. They said it would be in on the 9th which would have been too late for Becky's birthday so I spent Monday looking for alternatives and worrying about getting the money back because their phone lines were closed because of the bank holiday.

Stu complained to Ebuyer as soon as their phone lines opened on Tuesday and the person on the phone was brilliant, she spoke to a manager, sent us links to 3 alternative laptops to choose from and gave us free next day delivery too. We went for the one with the same specifications as the one we had ordered. The only difference is that this one has a back-lit keyboard which looks so cool. It arrived on Wednesday and Stu set it up with everything Becky needs on it and it runs like a dream. I am quite jealous, she officially has a better laptop than me now. lol

Up until this week Becky and I hadn't heard much about the return to college. She knew the doors were opening on the 7th but not everyone was going back in that day. She was told that she would get a phone call telling her her day and time to go in to get her timetable, ID card, bus pass and sign some forms. It turns out she is on Monday but only for half a day. Her girlfriend and her have realised they're not going to be in the same class as her day to go in is on Wednesday. Eek! In fact at the moment Becky doesn't know who will be in her class as all her friends that she's spoke to online are in different days for their induction and there is only 10 to a class.

As nice as it would be for Becky and her girlfriend to be in the same class at college I am quite glad they're not. I think they will both work better separately. At the moment they don't even know if they're in on the same day when the inductions are done. From what we've heard they will have one day in college a week and then learn from home with Zoom lessons and using Microsoft teams. That is just a rumour though, nothing has been confirmed.

The rest of the drama this week has come from selling something for my dad on Gumtree. People are so annoying. They message asking "is this still available?" only never to message again. All the information is on the add but people always want to know more and then there is the scammers. One guy said he would buy and pay via Paypal and said as he can't fit the item in the back of his car he would send a courier to pick it up. The item for sale is a trailer. lol I said a car would be fine as long as it has a tow bar and you can pay cash on collection and he rated me as unhelpful! Eesh! I've contacted Gumtree and reported the buyer and I'm waiting for it to be resolved.


  1. I had a horrid experience selling stuff through something similar to Gumtree once and it put me off for ever, I swear some people are like vultures. I'm glad you sorted out Becky's laptop and I hope the return to college goes well for her. x

  2. I wonder what he was going to do with a trailer if he didn't intend to tow it with a car. Hmm... I can see why you thought he was dodgy. Glad you finally got Becky's laptop and it looks a good one. Phew it's in time too. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

  3. My partner had some awful experiences on gumtree, people offering stupidly lower prices ha! I'm glad you got the laptop situation sorted!

    Corinne x

  4. Glad you got Becky's laptop sorted out - it looks like a nice one. Good luck to the girls with going back to school and college and glad that Becky got the information she needed about going back. Selling on Gumtree sounds like a nightmare. #WotW

  5. Ugh, some people! I would have reported him too. I like Backy's laptop - very smart! Karen Early Rising Mum