Friday 24 July 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Buying! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

It has been the first week of the summer holidays and not much has changed from the previous weeks we just went from doing school work to not doing school work and pretty much everything else has stayed the same, well apart from having an extra couple of lie in's. hehehe

It has been a really relaxed week. I have just pottered about the house and garden, Stu has been to work and the kids have mostly been doing their own thing. Becky's girlfriend came over on Wednesday as per usual and Ellie's best friend has been over a couple of times too. They have all become obsessed with playing Monopoly so that has taken up a couple of afternoons. 

I have of course bought a few extra face coverings/masks for us. The kids seem to be losing them all of the time. Grr! I just got them off eBay as nowhere locally sells them. Today is the day where we will all have to wear them in enclosed public spaces. The kids have already been wearing them for weeks if they have gone to the shop and Stu has been wearing one for work. It's just me who hasn't really worn one yet. I think I'll be OK. I'll find out this afternoon when we go for a look around the local auction. Eek!

I have had a busy week doing some online shopping. We have got a few bargains for the kids birthdays. Stu had been keeping an eye on a laptop on the Ebuyer website. It had been on there "coming soon" for weeks with no price on but finally went on sale for £299 on Friday. Stu said for the processor type and 8GB ram was a bargain for that price so he bought it. It's being delivered next week. I was tempted to buy one for myself but the hard drive was only 256GB which isn't big enough for me. I hoard far too much on my laptop. lol So that's Becky's birthday done apart from a shopping spree around Primark.

I am finished with Ellie's birthday too. I got a delivery from The Range yesterday and I feel like I've got some bargains, the best being the rose gold rechargeable ear pods for £5.99 and an adorable Narwhal money bank for £1.99 which was way bigger than I thought it would be.

I also made a start on the back to school shopping. Becky doesn't need anything apart from stationery most of which she can get from college using her college finance and thankfully Ellie doesn't need that much compared to the last couple of years. For the last two years I've had to buy a whole new uniform for her. One for starting secondary school and then last year when we moved house, a whole new uniform for a new school but this year all I need to buy are trousers, socks and a new bag which I ordered yesterday from George at Asda. The stationery and shoes can wait until closer to September. A few years ago I bought Ellie shoes early and she had grown out of them by the time school started. lol

I am hoping to have a good few weeks where we don't have to buy anything apart from food. It seems all I've done for the past few weeks is spend money and it's fast running out.


  1. I've got all my kids birthday presents too which is a good feeling, I'm not sure what they need for school, it depends what they've grown out of. The Little Man has had his p.e. kit ordered from the school. I seem to have a bit of extra money thanks to not going on holiday next week. I will keep saving though. I got Boo a laptop for her birthday but only because I had a refund from her school France Trip, I wouldn't normally spend that much on a birthday present. I guess it makes up a little bit for missing her trip :( x

  2. Busy buying season for you. I've not even thought about back to school. Shoes and trousers will definitely be needed, but like you say, they'll grow out of them before term starts, if I buy now. I love the narwhal money box. Very cute. #wotw

  3. I've started the back to school shopping too, so far I've got a bag and a new maths set for my daughter. Like you we need trousers and probably a new pair of shoes.

  4. Wow you are super organised! And you have bought some lovely presents. I'm on the countdown to Craig's 40th in August. I'm buying a few things each week now.
    Have a fab weekend matey. x

  5. School uniform shopping is one thing I am not looking forward to! You sort of forget it's necessary until they get to the age for school and then suddenly you've got an extra expense every single summer for years. Reassure me that having kids isn't just buying clothes all the time because the never stop growing...please Kim! :P #WotW

  6. I love Ellie's rose-gold ear bugs and the narwhal money box. This time of year is a busy one for buying especially if you've got birthdays to add into the mix. Glad you didn't have quite so much uniform to buy this year. I'm with you on leaving shoes to later in the summer too. #WotW