Thursday 30 July 2020

What I loved in July 2020!

Another month has flown over and life for some is starting to get back to normal. We are still staying home as much as we can. The kids have been going to the park and we've had their friends visiting (obviously all not at the same time). I think that's as normal as it's going to get for now although in August I will have to have a trip into town to get school shoes for Ellie and the kids the last of their birthday presents.

What I loved in July!

The WWE Network.
I subscribed to the WWE Network at the beginning of July and I think I've already got my money's worth. It is a streaming service showing all things WWE wrestling related. I have watched so much and I am working my way through every episode of Raw since the late 90's. That's one episode, every week so I have a lot to watch. lol Even the kids are starting to love it now.

Pease Pudding.
I finally made my own and it was amazing! I gave some to my dad and he loved it and Stu mentioned it to someone at work who is a fan of pease pudding too but like me can't buy any around here so I will be making some for her in my next batch.

Reduced items.
I used to love going to the local shops on an evening to see what reduced things they had in but during the lockdown the reductions dried up but recently they have been appearing again and I feel like we've been treating ourselves but spending hardly anything. Ellie loves the Sushi which is supposed to be a couple of pounds but I have been getting it for 40 or 50 pence. Becky has been loving the reduced cream cakes and I have been loving all the cheap flowers. I have been getting a lot of sunflowers. Some reduced from £8 to a £1. 

Shopping for birthday presents.
I am just about finished shopping for the kids birthday presents. Becky's was easy, she's getting a laptop and clothes but Ellie was a little harder. She wanted all things Japanese. Things like Bento boxes, Anime and Kawaii things and chopsticks. lol It really was fun shopping for her and she chose most of her presents but I added a few extra things too.

The end of the school year. 
It was the strangest school year ever and we were glad to see the end of it. Ellie and I were so done with the home schooling. We're already getting ready for the new school year in September. I've bought some of what Ellie needs uniform wise but we still have a few things more to buy like stationery and of course school shoes.

I haven't been loving this because my family are a bunch of cheats but my family and especially my girls have been obsessed with it. They've played it with Becky's girlfriend and then with Ellie's friend.

What have you loved in July?


  1. I'm with you on the pease pudding, love the stuff especially with haggis :) X

  2. I've never tried pease pudding before, but I know you say it's amazing. I need to try some!
    I love the pressies that you have chosen for Ellie. She's grown up so fast! xx