Friday 17 July 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: End of term! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

We're finally here, it's the end of the school year. It feels strange considering my two have been off school and college since March like many others. There isn't the end of term excitement like other years. I think the school holidays will be much like the last few weeks but without the school work.

I am really looking forward to not having to nag Ellie to do her school work. About 18 months ago there was a point at her old school where I was considering home schooling her because her old school was not good for her or her mental health. It makes me realise we would have driven each other crazy. Over the past few weeks I may have said "if you don't get on with your work I could send you to school". She didn't know I couldn't. I may have exaggerated a bit that all the naughty kids were going back to school. It got us through to the end of term and she is actually looking forward to going back in September.

We have done less school work this past week compared to previous weeks. Like Ellie said if she was at school she would just be playing board games and watching films so I have been easy on her.

We have worked in the garden. I had the kids weeding while I mowed the grass. I have mowed the grass at the front before but not the back garden. What a work out that was! It is usually Stu's job and with all the rain we've had the past few weeks it was a tad overgrown. I won't be rushing to do it again, my arms were aching. lol

We did some baking and I finally got around to making my own Pease Pudding!

Pease pudding I would say is a North East dish. I chuckled the other day when I read it was the "Geordie hummus". I used the recipe from Dragon's and Fairydust. It's made from yellow split peas, vegetable stock and is boiled until it goes to a paste which goes perfectly on ham sandwiches or with gammon. It is impossible to buy here unless it comes from a tin and that is disgusting! So now I know I can make it I will be from now on. It was so simple to make but I made way more than I should have even with given a tub of it to my dad.

As much as I said I wouldn't let the kids go to the park I have this past week. I gave them a list of rules and told them to come home if it was busy but they were fine. It turns out there was no one there and it gave them and me a break from each other. Ellie went yesterday the other day just after 3pm and realised she had made a mistake. It was full of little kids coming out of school so she came home which I am pleased about.

Usually by now we have some plans for the summer holidays but at the moment we have nothing at all planned. I think I will have to get my thinking cap on. 

What have you got planned for the summer holidays?


  1. We've done a lot less school work this week too. I'm just about to prepare a surprise end of term lunch for them. :) I'm a bit nervous about September but the kids want to go back so badly. I have to trust the schools. Enjoy your summer hols...we have just one plan. We are going to the Safari Park, where we can drive around the animals and not even have to get out of the car :)

  2. It's our last day of term today too. Usually they'd be celebrating, but not this year. Very quiet. Ellie is lucky. My two have work set over the holidays, so I'll still be nagging them. Glad the parks are open again. Last time I went past ours it was taped up. A very sad sight. I've not had pease pudding. Glad the recipe is a good one. Have a lovely weekend. #wotw

  3. End of term must feel so strange for you all this year with not too much changing. I'm pleased you won't have the stress of school work anymore Kim! I've thought about home school in the past when ours are older, but I'm definitely guilty of focusing on the "oh that would be nice and homely" side of things and forgetting that you actually have to convince the kids to do work every day! I hope you manage to find some nice things to do over the coming weeks :) #wotw

  4. End of term is weird this year. I did see Sir's teacher briefly on a Transition Day but that's it. Not doing any work over the holidays, will probably just mooch about here! Karen -Early Rising Mum

  5. Well done to you and Ellie for getting through the home-schooling and making it to the end of term. It is so strange not having the usual end-of-term transition into the summer holidays. That pease pudding looks delicious. I have never tried it before but will have to try making some. Well done for mowing the lawn. That's always my husband's job - we have a big heavy petrol mower. I've tried mowing the lawn with it once but it was hard work so now I leave it to him. Glad the girls enjoyed being able to visit the park. #WotW