Saturday 11 July 2020

Week 28 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

This past week has been a lot calmer and way less hectic than last week. I was glad of the rest and relaxation but on the flipside it also means we haven't done much. I have spent most the week watching Wrestling after subscribing to the WWE Network streaming service. The weather hasn't been great, yesterday was the only dry day and the kids made the most of it by going out for a walk and meeting up with Ellie's friend!

Now for a photo every day!

2 pans of spaghetti bolognese.
The wrestler the Undertaker on my TV and my youngest ready to go out with her friend.
Two candles burning
A bee on a flower and a box of books for my youngest girls birthday next month
Both of my girls ready to go out for the afternoon

185/366 - 4th July
There was a change to the meal plan. Becky's girlfriend came for a visit and I used to think she was a fussy eater but she actually has some allergies so she is understandably careful about what she eats. Spaghetti Bolognese is something she loves so I made a couple of pans of that. One pan with mushrooms in and one without for Ellie. I made plenty to feed us on Sunday too and put some into the freezer.

185/366 - 5th July
I have spent the week watching Wrestling and have watched lots of my favourite The Undertaker. He's not as scary as he looks and sounds. I watched a documentary about him this past week and he is quite the hugger. 

185/366 - 6th July
We are starting to mix with a few more people now more restrictions have been lifted. We've expanded our social bubble to include Ellie's best friend and her mum. Ellie went off at lunchtime with her friend and didn't get back until nearly 7pm. She has tea at her friends and she came back so happy. She hasn't been sad during the lock down but has lost some of her spark with not seeing her friends.

185/366 - 7th July
It was so grey and dark on Tuesday it felt the perfect day to burn some candles. It's ages since I've had any lit. They're usually a winter thing for me.

185/366 - 8th July
It was dry a little on Wednesday afternoon and Ellie was outside counting the bee's on our flowers. She counted at least 40 of them but I do think she counted some more than once. hehehe I took some photos and they really are beautiful creatures.

185/366 - 9th July
I made a start on ordering Ellie's birthday presents. She's into everything Japanese so wants some really random things. Her birthday isn't until the end of August but some things are going to take time to arrive. The stuff in the photo she knows she's getting, she chose them. Anime/Kawaii books and some fake air pods. Becky got the same one's a couple of years ago and they're still working well and Ellie has been after a pair. She said it's a shame I couldn't just buy the one for the left ear because it's pointless her having the right ear one as she's deaf in that ear.

185/366 - 10th July
Both the girls went out for a few hours. They met up with Ellie's friend and went for a walk.

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  1. How lovely that you have all been meeting up with friends a bit this week. It definitely raises the spirits! My husband is missing company, and my daughter has only met up with one friend. They need to get out a bit more! It sounds like Ellie will be getting some lovely things for her birthday.

  2. Nice they are getting out and you have some friends in your bubble.Think a lot may have lost their sparkle.
    I only ever use the left ear pod as for me it masks the tinnitus. Great when they are old enough to choose what they really want.
    Nice to know she has allergies, you can generally accommodate them.

  3. Awww the comment about just needing one airpod sounds like it deserves a hug, but she's actually totally right ! Lovely to hear that the girls are getting to meet up with their special friends again. The spag bol sauce looks delicious - glad it is OK for avoiding the food allergies too. I haven't burnt a candle for ages either but I want to now - maybe tonight ! :)

  4. Bolognese for dinner looks tasty. My guys don't like mushrooms, so if we order pizza at Domino's, I have to remove it from the list of ingredients. I also started getting Eddie's birthday gifts (some that he has chosen, so he knows about them, like a Funko Pop baby Yoda), though his is coming later this month. Kawaii goodies look cute. Isn't there a subscription box for Kawaii? I think I receive one of their newsletters after entering a comp (didn't win, and thinking of unsubscribing). Glad to hear that Ellie was able to meet with her bestie.

  5. That's great Ellie's able to see her friend. I think it's a girl thing, they definitely suffer more than boys. N saw a couple of his friends at tennis, and I think I was more excited for him than he was. Love spag bol - we don't have it with mushrooms because I don't like them, and N won't either. The poor OH only gets to eat mushrooms when we're at the pub or if his mum makes something with them in.

  6. your food made me hungry, and your girls as usual made smile

  7. Spaghetti looks delicious! Wrestling? Woah! I never really understood it but I've noticed a lot of wrestlers have started interacting with and coming in movies involving children. So glad Ellie was able to meet her friends. Cute candles.

  8. I can relate with the kids losing a bit of their spark during lockdown. It is good that they can now get out and meet some friends.

    The bolognese looks good!

  9. It's good to see a few more people isn't it? I need to get my son organised on a few social things as he hasn't done much and it would be nice to do a bit over the summer.

  10. Lovely to be meeting up with more friends, I'm anxious about going in other peoples houses, even families, preferring to stay outdoors. You don't strike me as someone who would be interested in wrestling, glad you enjoyed it lol

  11. A calm week is always good even if the weather isn’t so great. That bolognase looks delicious. So glad that Ellie is now able to see some of her friends again and that it has made her so happy. We love watching bees on the flowers too – so lovely to see so many on yours. #project366

  12. I feel that most of us have lost a bit of spark :( The bolognese looks tasty, I make my kids pick the veg out if they're being picky (could be a different veg each week knowing my awkward lot!) #project366

  13. It sounds like a lovely relaxed week - just what you needed after finishing decorating the kitchen! Seeing friends is definitely a welcome boost at this moment, it feels like we have been in lockdown forever! Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim x

  14. A pink lemonade candle bet that smells amazing! The weather has certainly took a turn for the worse, but apparently meant to be nice for the next few days (fingers crossed anyway!). Wow that is a lot of bees, good to know your flowers are helping bees do their thing!

  15. We have started seeing some friends outside, socially which has been very good for our mental health. That candle looks so pretty. Love the colours.

  16. My kids love watching WWE, it is not the same though at the moment with no crowds, is it?

  17. Nice the girls are getting out and you have friends in your bubble. That is helpful when they are old enough to choose what they really want. And glad you can adjust to help her allergies x