Wednesday 22 July 2020

(Ad - Gifted) A subscription box for teenagers! Teen Calm - Review!

Being a teenager can be stressful. I know my two have suffered with self doubt and anxiety in the past and a few years ago Ellie my 12 year old was diagnosed with social anxiety. Thankfully things are a lot better for Ellie now. We have had our ups and downs, being home because of Coronavirus hasn't helped but Ellie is in a good place.

Sometimes teenagers need a little treat and recently we were sent a Teen Calm box to have a look at which was full of all things that teenagers love.

Teen Calm logo

Teen Calm is a brand new subscription box that has been created by mother and daughter team Cathy and Freya who know only too well the consequences of anxiety and the importance of taking time out from life to look after themselves! They are aimed at those who need a little helping hand in their day-to-day life, anxious teens, those with ASD/ADHD, anyone who needs their confidence lifting, who feels left out and need a little reminder that they’re not alone. 

The beautifully packaged box contains a handpicked collection of fun, mood-boosting treats that are intended to help create a self-care routine that so many teens do not have but one that can really help them to deal with their mental health as well as not feeling so alone!

Teen Calm packaging
The contents of the teen calm box. A book, bathbomb, sweet treat, fidget toy, facemask.

Ellie opened the box and spent a lot of time oohing and ahhing at everything in the box. She was very happy and impressed with everything included. She isn't usually one to just go for a soak in the bath but planned to use the bath bomb and face mask that afternoon. 

A pink and white round bath bomb
A panda face mask and a little card game.

As well as the bath bomb and face mask there was a little game to play which Ellie and Becky have had great fun playing. It's so simple and can easily be popped in a bag to play while they're out.

I was quite excited to see the book Calm by Fearne Cotton. I have read about it online and it sounds like a fantastic book.

"Calm is Fearne's mission to find the simple things that can inch us away from stress and over to the good stuff. Including expert advice, conversations with wise friends from all walks of life, easy ideas to try, activities to complete.

Becky has claimed the book from the box. I think it is more for older teenagers and Becky is 17 so seems perfect for her. She is really enjoying it and is finding it so interesting.

Fearne Cotton's book Calm and a monkey fidget toy
A card with how to calm yourself and a strawberry fruit treat

The little monkey fidget toy is adorable. Ellie's favourite animal is a monkey and she is one of those people who do fidget and needs to keep her hands busy so this is great for her. The last thing in the box was a sweet treat which all teenagers need.

Each and every month different, new and exciting gifts are delivered to subscribers. All you have to do to get your very own box is sign up answer a few important questions and provide payment and shipping details. There are 4 different subscriptions. A one off, 3 months, 6 months and a whole year.

A list of the teen calm subscriptions. 1 month £25, 3 months £72, 6 months £140 and a whole year for £270

Ellie loves this box and the idea behind it and I do too. It is something I would think about buying her in the future. I think this box is a fantastic treat for when the stresses of day to day life are getting a little too much.

We were sent the Teen Calm box free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. I think the teen years are the most stressful by far. These boxes are such a fab idea and clearly well thought out. x