Monday 6 July 2020

Our weekly meal plan! 6th - 12th July. #MealPlanningMonday

Last weeks meal plan went OK but we did have a few changes. My family ate what I had planned on Wednesday but I ended up getting chips from the chip shop. I had one of those days where everyone wanted my time and I felt like I wanted a treat. I'm glad I went to the chip shop and called in the Co-Op for some pop because I left with a bag and a half of reduced stuff. A tray of sushi for 44p reduced from £2 something, bags of 6 sausage rolls for 54p, they were meant to be £1.35, cooked chicken for 44p, they were meant to be £2 something and a big bunch of flowers for £1 reduced from £8. They're still looking fresh now nearly a week later.

On Saturday I cooked a couple of pans of bolognese. One with mushrooms and one without for the fussy eaters. hehehe It fed us Saturday and Sunday evening and some went into the freezer too.

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - A roast chicken dinner.
Tuesday - Chicken salad or Bubble & Squeak depending on the weather. 
Wednesday - Hawaiian Pasta Salad.
Thursday - Something out of the freezer with chips. Probably burgers or nuggets.
Friday - Pizza.
Saturday - Diet Coke chicken and rice.
Sunday - Maybe another roast dinner or Sausage, mash and veg.

What are you eating this week? 


  1. I never heard of Bubble & Squeak until I read your blog. Looks tasty and a good way to use up some leftovers. #MMBC

  2. I love getting bargains and when they are so delicious, it can't be beat! #MMBC

  3. I was really not sure about diet coke chicken but then I read the recipe - it sounds really delicious and looks really easy to make!


  4. oooh i haven't had diet coke chicken for years, isn't that a Slimming World recipe? Something to think about.

  5. I do love a good reduce find, bargain! X #mmbc

  6. Love a good bargain yellow sticker haul.
    Nice meals planned, have a good week

  7. Ooh I could just go for some chippy chips tonight! Hope you're well & thanks for linking up x

  8. Wow, some great shopping bargains there ! I've still never tried Diet Coke Chicken - I really should !

  9. Adore diet cola chicken and the pasta salad sounds lovely will have to check that one out