Tuesday 28 July 2020

Our plans for the summer holidays!

This time last year we had just moved to Scunthorpe and over the summer holidays we made no plans at all. We wanted to get settled in, sort the house out and spend time with my dad and his partner. This summer was the one where we were supposed to be doing things.

Now what? We don't drive so would have to get the bus anywhere and to be honest we're not keen with "the virus" still being out there. This years summer holidays are certainly going to be different as we'll be staying close to home.

I think we're going to be going on plenty of bike rides. Last summer we went on a fair few and the kids were determined to get all the way to the Humber Bridge. Eek! We will of course be taking a picnic and drinks. Stu was working on the bikes yesterday making sure all the tyres were up and ready to go on the road.

My dad gave us a tent when we moved here and it's been up twice but we have yet to sleep in it. I think over the holidays will be perfect for camping out. We will just stay in the back garden in case the kids chicken out and want their own beds but I think it will be a lot of fun. We might even have a BBQ before camping out and of course roast some marshmallows.

The kids will no doubt have plenty trips to the park and walks out with their friends. I have said no already to them going into town (mainly Becky) to meet up with her friends. I trust my girls to keep their distance, it's other people I don't trust.

We will be visiting my dad. He has pear trees and apple trees that are growing lots and they will be ready to be picked in a few weeks. We of course will be making pies and crumbles. Now we have the big freezer I will be able to make lots, freeze them and they'll keep us filled for a while.

A place we have wanted to visit for a long time is Normanby Hall Country Park which is a short bike ride away. It sounds an interesting day out with a museum and gardens to stroll around. I will have to keep an eye on that as at the moment it's only open to members but I am considering buying a family and friends membership which only costs a few more pound than a day visit and then we can go anytime for a year and up to 7 of us can visit.

I have said to the kids that we will be having a good clear out of their bedrooms. Their birthdays are coming up so will need to make room for new clothes they will be getting. I know Ellie especially has grown out of so much of her clothes so the charity shops will be pleased with our donations.

The girls will of course spend lots of time playing on Fortnite and their computers, chatting to friends online and I am sure we'll watch plenty of films too.

What plans do you have for over the summer holidays?


  1. It sounds like you've got lots of things to keep you busy! The bedroom clear out is a really good idea, I did that with mine last year and it made such a difference, in fact my daughter's room is still looking really good. I'm struggling a bit, we are still trying to keep in as much as possible and the children have far too much screen time! I need to get them out and about on their scooters, and also try for some more creative activities. They recently rediscovered play dough which I thought they were far too old for but they proved me wrong!

  2. Our summer holiday plans are pretty similar - staying local, enjoying the outdoors, family time. Much like you, we don't drive & rely on public transport which isn't usually a problem, but obviously with the virus, we are staying away from that unless absolutely needed.

    A happy summer to you & your family.

  3. Love the idea of camping out in the back garden - sounds great fun ! I'm dejunking everything too - the kids' rooms (Pierre's in particular, as it hasn't been done for years and needs to change from "little boy" to "almost teen") but blimey, it's a big job ! lol

  4. It is going to be strange summer indeed. We didn't have to cancel our holiday to Dorset (this weekend) but I thought it would be better to delay it until next year. We have a couple of days out planned. I love that you can get out on your bikes, I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun xx

  5. Sounds like you have lots planned. I ought to get mine out on their bikes more - they are loving just playing computer games.