Tuesday 21 July 2020

The end of year 8 and first year at college.

It was officially the end of the school year for us on Friday. It has been the strangest school years ever. We knew it was going to be different with both of my girls starting new schools and colleges after moving house but we also had the added pandemic.

Both of my girls got off to a great start at their new schools and college and to be honest after worrying on their first days there has been no more worrying or stressing at all. It is the happiest ever they've been in education. Ellie finally understands the saying "school days are the happiest days of our lives" because she really is happy and Becky the same at college.

Ellie has just finished year 8 and it has flown over. She settled into her new school and has made a ton of new friends. She does have 2 best friends who she is always with but mixes with lots more people than she used to. The social anxiety she had has just about vanished, now she just doesn't worry about what other people think about her. I think what has really helped Ellie is the lack of bullying. Ellie was bullied relentlessly for most of primary school and in year 7. When we moved house she finally got the new start away from the bullies which she needed.

When Ellie started the new school she was put into the higher ability classes because of her results for the end of year tests from her old school and she struggled. They were learning things in September following on from what they learned in year 7. Ellie wasn't there in year 7 so was a little lost with some of the work as she hadn't learned it in her old school. After a couple of months into the school year I had a phone call from her form tutor saying Ellie had been to ask her if she could move classes which surprised me that she actually went to the teacher in the first place as at her old school she would just struggle on without asking for help. The tutor saw that Ellie was struggling and was happy for her to move classes and she did and since then she has been even happier at school. I think having her 2 best friends in that class helps but all the termly reports I've got she is at or above where she needs to be in her learning.

What else that has really impressed me about the new school is that they are amazing with Ellie's hearing loss. I think it helps that her form tutor is deaf too and has hearing aids. Ellie has had so much support and is always sat in the best place for her to hearing what's going on in the classroom.

Home schooling hasn't been fun for Ellie or for me. Neither of us are cut out for it but we have tried our best and I can say Ellie has learned things, probably not as much as she would at school but each day she has done at least 3 hours of work.

Becky finished her first year at college about month ago doing a Health and Social care course and she has loved every second of college even having to get up early and getting the bus. 

Becky didn't have the best of times at secondary school but college has been brilliant for her. I think it helps that there is a mix of ages there and they are all treat like adults and not children. She has grown in confidence and learned to be herself, not a copy of girls she think are the cool girls. She has met a good bunch of people and of course "A", her girlfriend. 

Becky has been interested and focused on the work and when her college shut because of coronavirus she really knuckled down and finished the assignments she needed to and did extra credit work too.

Becky has already enrolled for the next course at college, the higher level health and social care course. She still doesn't know what she wants to do when she leaves college but she has a couple of years to think about it. There has been talk of going to university which I think would be fantastic but we'll see what happens.

It really was a strange school year but the best for both of my girls and me too. I have found it so strange not having to ring the school and college about bullying issues and drama going on. There was a point late last year when I was feeling anxious some days because I wasn't used to everything going so well for my girls.

Usually at this time of year my girls are ready for a break but I think if someone announced that the schools and colleges were opening next week they'd be happy to go back! That's them though. I am ready for a break from the home schooling, some fun and a lot of lie in's. hehehe


  1. I'm so pleased to hear that Becky and Ellie are happy in school and college - I can't believe it's already a year since you moved!


  2. What a lovely, positive post. I'm so happy for them (and you) that this year has gone so well. What a change for you all! You must be so pleased.

  3. That is fantastic. Just shows that not all schools are the same. I'm glad Ellie has found a good school and that college is working out for Beckie. #mmbc