Thursday 5 September 2019

Starting a new school and college!

It has been a big week for my two girls! Becky finished school after her GCSE's and has started college and we moved house at the end of the school year so Ellie of course left her old school has started a new school!

On of my biggest worries about moving house was the kids education. We researched the school and colleges here in our new area and I think we choose well. They both have started new schools/colleges this week and it's gone brilliantly!

Becky went for her college enrolment last week and got her ID, bus pass and timetable which caused much excitement as she is only in 3 days a week and one of those days the can start at 11am because she doesn't have to resit her maths GCSE. 

When we spoke to the course tutor Becky was given the option of doing either the Level 2 or 3 of the Health and Social care course. We decided it was for the best to do level 2 this year, get used to college and the work then do level 3 next year.

She was so nervous about getting the bus on Monday but she couldn't really go wrong. The college is the last stop so she has to get off then and on the way home the bus picks her up outside the college and she knows the stop to get off near home. There is other buses she can get but her bus pass only works on one specific bus. I sent her off with emergency money to keep in her purse should she ever miss the college bus but so far so good! She has met a couple of people on the bus and got chatting to them. They're in there 2nd year on a different course but at least it's someone to chat to on the way there.

Becky was of course nervous but found her way around and met so many new people. She made a couple of friends who she's hung around with and said that everyone in her class seemed nice and friendly. Phew! She had said she had wanted to take money on the first day to buy lunch, to be honest I thought everyone would but I was wrong. Most the people in her class had packed lunches so she has started taking one too which is a little easier on my purse. 

She came home full of beans telling us all about her first day. She looked all around the college, had time on the computers and even had a go at archery. Tuesday there was a talk about knife crime, Nerf gun wars and a talk from the Principal and yesterday there was inflatables and ice cream to be eaten. lol She seems to have settled in well and I have a feeling she's going to continue to enjoy college.

Ellie started her new school yesterday. I took her in using the excuse I have some forms to hand in. I wanted to make sure she was OK. She had a look around the school when we first moved house but that seems such a long time ago. 

I dropped her off at reception and she was take off by a teacher. She didn't even look back. Eesh. She was ready to go back to school. It's all good and well having an extended summer holiday but boredom was starting to kick in.

Everything is new for Ellie. As she was starting in year 8 the friendship groups will already have been made last year and everyone will know their way around the school. It's a lot to deal with. I don't think I would be as calm as she was going in. I think I did all the worrying for her yesterday. I even took myself off to my dad's just for a change of scene to distract myself.

She came in so happy and chatty. She told me all about her day. She was buddied up with a couple of girls who kept her right, showed her where the classrooms were and introduced her to other people. She had pizza for lunch and was very excited to see they sell cartons of Capri Sun. She had writing to do so it wasn't an easy start like Becky had but I don't think she minds. 

Ellie left her old school because we moved but to be honest if we hadn't have been moving I would have considered changing her school anyway because of all the bullying that she suffered. She seems like a different child now. I know it has just been one day but she came home and was relaxed, not like the first day at her old school.

My girls being happy makes me happy and at the moment I am ecstatic!

How have your children got on with the return to school?


  1. Awww this is such lovely post to read! I am so glad both girls seem to be adjusting well! Good luck to Becky, I hope she is enjoying her first week in college! Sim x

  2. It's such a big deal, isn't it? I'm so glad they've settled well, long may it continue x

  3. Sounds like a good start of term for both girls. I think it is more nerve wracking for us parents. They just get on with it all. I think I'd have needed a change of scene too. #MMBC

  4. I have seen all your posts about moving but just haven't had the chance to comment. It sounds like it has been a good change for you all. I'm so glad the girls are happy. I remember feeling more at home at collage than school x

  5. This is so lovely to read! I'm glad the first days went so well for them and long may it continue. It must be such a relief to have escaped the bullies at the old school.

  6. It's a big week in our house too with the middle one starting reception - I don't know where the years are going! #MMBC

  7. Aw, so pleased to hear that your girls have both settled well in college/school. You must be so relieved!
    Our kids need to stop growing up so fast! x

  8. How lovely that they have settled in their new environment, I hope it all goes well X

  9. So glad to see everyone settling into their new home/life. Well done girls ! :)