Wednesday 18 September 2019

(Ad - Gifted) Playing with the #Snapstar Dolls. - Review! #SnapstarSquad

Ellie loves playing with dolls, some might say still as she is 12 years old but so what! She loves fashion style dolls and has plenty but when we were asked to have a look at the Snapstar Dolls, I was interested. 

We were lucky to be sent a surprise box with two dolls and two accessory sets.

Enter the world of Snapstar an immersive world of fashion, beauty, music, photography and design. There is a lineup of six dolls, each with her own unique personality and style that kids can dress up, customise and pose!

The dolls come with a removable outfit with accessories and removable hair. You can buy additional outfits and hair separately for more fun.

The two dolls we were sent were:

Echo: Bedazzled Babe
Echo is a dreamy damsel who floats through life with an easy-breezy outlook. Although she embodies the shimmering grace of a mermaid, she is never a “fish out of water”. Echo is a hair and makeup pro whose beauty tutorials have made her a social media superstar no wonder all the girls
like getting ready at Echo’s place!

Lola: 99% Unicorn!
Lola is a ball of positive energy who sees the best in everyone and the beauty in everything! Although Lola is passionate about changing the world for the better, she believes kindness is the key. She is always bubbly and giggly all the girls love having her around because she makes everyone around her feel great and want to be their best selves!

These dolls have 15 points of articulation which include a moving head, torso, legs, arms, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles. Way more than the average doll.

Each doll comes with a green screen and a green doll stand which can be moved to help you create the best pose. The green screen allows kids to take photos of their dolls through the Snapstar Studio app and add backdrops that make the green screen and doll stand disappear, add makeup, change the hairstyle, add stickers and so much more.

The Snapstar Studio app is free to download and is compatible on devices with Apple App store or Google Play access.

Within minutes Ellie was showing me how to use it. She had it figured out in seconds. It is straightforward to use and pretty self explanatory. There is different sections for the background, hair, eyes, lips, blusher, etc.

You can then save the photos to your phone and upload them to social media if you want to.

What we thought:

Ellie loves these dolls and the app. She has played with them over the last few days and shows no signs of getting bored. She thinks the dolls are fantastic, the way she can move them and put them in different positions. She loves the different outfits, accessories and the fact that she can go onto the app and change their look.

I think these are great too. They are for over 5 year old's but I think they are perfect for tween aged children. Ellie did start asking for social media accounts to share her creations as that seems to be encouraged by the packaging but I said no, not until she is old enough. She still has a year to go before she can legally use social media.

For kids who have no interest in the social media aspect the fashion doll element alone is enough to keep them entertained even without using the app. The app adds an extra element and fun.

There are six very different looking dolls in the series which means there’s a high chance of at least one appealing to your child. On a whole really like them. The rest of the collection is for sure going on Ellie's Christmas list.

The dolls have just started being sold in Argos and retail for just under £20.00. 

We were sent these dolls and extra outfits free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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