Thursday 12 September 2019

Caught up in the memories of the kids toys!

A new study of 1,000 British families has revealed that parents are hanging on to their children's toys even after their child has stopped playing with them because of their own sentimental attachment.

I know there are some of the kids toys which I have kept. There's the obvious first teddies which are in the kids memories boxes but then there is some which are in Ellie's room which I can't bear to throw out. The pink barbie car, all the Toy Story toys that Ellie has collected over the years and some of Ellie's dolls which she doesn't play with anymore but they were passed down from Becky. It's a running joke that every time I try to throw Mr Potato head out because he's missing some of his parts they always seem to turn up!

When we moved house I had the ideal opportunity to get rid but I couldn't. Ellie did part with a lot of toys but the one's I have mentioned weren't even discussed, they just came with us.

Sometimes people hold on to children's toys for longer than needed because they get caught up in the memories and their emotional connection to them. This can especially be the case when it comes to play things they gave their little ones at an early age.

Selling on old toys together as a family can be a great way to make some money and invest that in making new memories together.

Start Small.

Focus on one area of the home, perhaps that box of unused toys that have been gathering dust in the attic or garage for years. Once started, families may well find that they will get on a roll with it.

Create a habit.

Make letting go of old toys a family habit. Introduce the process as just a regular part of family life between the seasons. By identifying a few old toys to clear out every few months you can make it part of a family routine. This will enable everyone to get more comfortable with clearing out and can prevent problems in the future. Once something has been normalised, it becomes easier for everyone.

Make money.

Rewarding for letting things go by realising some of the hidden financial value in the toys lying around the home. Sell on Ebay, local Facebook groups or online sites such as Gumtree. This can be a great way to raise funds for a special event or even a special treat for your family.

Do you sell your children's old toys or are you reluctant to part with them?


  1. I think some of them keep their value and others go on to be worth a fortune. I'm not very good at throwing anything away ;)

  2. We've tried to sell a few recently and didn't have much luck, but we intend to do a car boot this weekend and get rid of what we can. I do keep a ton of toys though, but Grandchildren will be along shortly! :D

  3. My youngest won't allow anything to be thrown out, my house is like a, disorganised, lego shop hehe x