Tuesday 17 September 2019

How our summer bucket list went...

I had big plans for the summer. It was our first in the new house with a big garden and being surrounded by countryside and nature. I planned a lot of things for our Summer Bucket List.

When I wrote the list we'd been here less than a month and I think I got a bit carried away and set my sights a little too high. Out of the 28 things on the list we did about 9 of them and some of them not fully.

I also didn't count on the fact that the kids would want to spend more time at my dad's house than I thought they would. I'm not complaining about it though. 

What we did do over the summer off our bucket list was:

Go for a family bike ride.

We actually bought another bike from the local auction so we all had our own. Stu's cost him £17 and mine £11 so they were real bargains.

Over the summer we went on so many bike rides. We were skint from moving and paying for new school uniform and the kids birthdays so the cheaper the day out the better. All we had to do was make a packed lunch and we were off. We cycled miles, exploring and going on adventures. Becky and I are still going on bike rides when she has her days off college.

Have a barbecue or 10!
We had quite a few BBQ's. Most of them were spur of the moment things when the weather was nice and I didn't fancy standing in the kitchen over the cooker.

Visit a farm shop.
We found a fantastic one a few weeks after we moved here, just up the road. It's about the same distance away as the local shop so if we need fruit or veg we go there. It works out a lot cheaper too. Roll on October when they are selling pumpkins!

Do some gardening. Planting and hopefully growing something.

We didn't do much with our garden over the summer apart from mowing the lawn but we did do some gardening at my dad's place. He had a lot of work to do in his garden and we helped out. Becky learned how to drive the ride on lawn mower, I had great fun chopping down bushes and tree's with a machete and Ellie had great fun making friends with ladybirds, stray cats, pigeons and feeding fish. 

Visit a new park.
The kids have! There is a park local to us which they say is better than any park they have ever been to before. I have walked through it and it does look lovely!

Decorate the kids rooms.
Mostly! Ellie's room was done a little while ago and Becky's room was finished over the weekend! Hooray! 

Camp out in the garden.

We did get the big tent out and the kids spent a couple of hours messing about in it but they didn't sleep in it.

Go to a car boot sale.
We have been to a couple but we much prefer the local auction. The people who run it are lovely, there is some amazing bargains and the kids would rather spend their pocket money there than in shops now. 

Star gaze.
Yes we have! There was a point at the start of the summer where I thought we were never going to see any stars. It just didn't seem to get dark enough but then it did and the stars are amazing! We spent many evenings sat outside just looking up!

I am not bothered at all that we didn't do much off the summer bucket list and the kids aren't too. The crafty things we can do over the winter and there's always next summer.


  1. I do love a good farm shop - jealous you have one so close to you! Cycling is the greatest way to get out and explore and it sounds like you are doing just that with your new surroundings! Hope Becky is enjoying college! Sim x

  2. After moving house and having to plan and sort your new lives I think you've achieved a fantastic amount over the summer break. Well done x

  3. Sometimes it's just nice to spend time together, doing nothing. I've never attempted a bucket list, I'm too lazy haha x

  4. I'm impressed you did as much as you did! Can remember last year cycling with my husband to McDonalds and being able to afford ONE hot drink; we bought that and then had one more sticker to give us a full coffee card so that we could BOTH have a drink. We really were that broke!