Tuesday 27 August 2019

A grown up bedroom for my tween on a budget.

A couple of weekends ago Stu decorated Ellie's bedroom. She has chosen everything for her bedroom so far including the wallpaper which was an absolute nightmare to put up. We got it from Home Bargains for £6.99 a roll which I thought was such a bargain. I'm glad I got it when I did because it's sold out now. 

We had planned to wallpaper just one wall and have the other 3 white but we must have messed up with the measurements and there was enough to do the long wall and the wall where the window is. There was also enough to put on her little shelves. These shelves have served us well. I got them when Becky was little. They were My Little Pony ones. In time we turned them over so they were just pink and now they have been upcycled again!

There is still more that we have to buy but it will have to wait until September. August is an expensive month for us with birthdays, going back to school and this year moving house.

Pink Marble Effect Geometric Shapes Easy Care Duvet Set - £10.00 - Asda
Blush Velvet Light Shade 13" - £6.99 - B&M
Blush Velvet Table Lamp - £7.99 - B&M
Pink Geometric Rug - £25.00 - Asda
Flamingo-shaped Wall Clock - £10.00 - Asda
Unicorn Wall Head - £7.50 - Asda
Large Faux Linen Ottoman Pink - £17.00 - Wilkos
Be A Mermaid' Textual Art in Pink - £18.99 - Wayfair

Ellie is loving her new bedroom so far. It has more of a grown up feel to it. Next up we are going to do Becky's room which should be interesting as it's so small.


  1. I love the wallpaper! And upcycling furniture I so need to do that more often

  2. Looks great, she must be thrilled with it! All sorted in time for her starting her new school too!

  3. I love the wallpaper and I think a few of Katie's friends have it too. Great idea about upcycling the shelves, they look great. I bet Ellie loves her new bedroom x

  4. It looks lovely, I bet she loves it. What a clever way to get more use out of the shelves too x