Wednesday 21 August 2019

(Ad - Gifted) Keep track of keys, bags & anything else by attaching a Tile!

As a family we are forever losing things. My fella his phone, Ellie school things, Becky Xbox controllers and me, the remote control for the TV. As a whole family we are always losing the back door keys too which have the key for the garage, garden gate and the little outhouse on. We waste so much time looking for these things but we have been sent something to help us out a little.

The Tile Mate is a small bluetooth tracker and easy to use app that finds everyday items in seconds. You can attach it to keys, wallets and anything else you can't live without and using the app on your phone you can track where your missing item is. 

It comes with a replaceable battery, has a range of up to 150 feet and a high volume which is easy to hear as well as smart home integration.

I opened the box and had it set up within minutes. I simply downloaded the app via the Google Play Store (you can use it with Apple products too) and linked the Tile and my phone together! I'm not good with technology so if I can do it anyone can.

For now the Tile is going on the back door keys. The kids are on their summer holidays still and I think we have more chance of losing the keys than anything else at the moment.

When you have lost your item that the Tile is attached to you go to the app and press the find keys or whatever you have named the item.  It then connects with it and plays a little tune to help you hear where your lost item is. When you walk towards your lost item there is a little circles on the screen which let you know if you're getting closer.

Not only does the app let you find say your keys, if you have lost your phone you can double press the button on the Tile gadget and it will make your phone ring too!

If you keep your Tile app running in the background it will remember the last place and time you had your item to help you find it too.

Here's a video from Tile which explains things probably better than I did.

Supported Devices include Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Nexus and most other Android devices equipped with Android 6.0 or newer. I have a Samsung S5 which is quite old now and it works perfectly with that.

As well as using them for house keys I think the Tile will come in handy especially for Ellie and her school things. I am tempted to put it onto her school bag so she can use her phone to keep track of it. 

Back to School can be a daunting prospect for kids and I am all for making the whole process easier! iPad’s, laptops, gym bags and even lunch boxes can be kept safe with the Tile Bluetooth tracking device. PE kits, book bags and musical instruments can be kept tack of too.

I think it will also be fantastic for the morning rush as we will be able to quickly find Ellie's school bag. Even if she's left it at school we can check where it was last seen on a map.

I think this is a fab little gadget. It's something I didn't know I needed until I got one. I think it's going to come in really useful and I know it's going to get plenty of use.

The Tile Mate has a RRP of £20 and is available from their websiteAmazon, John Lewis and Argos.

I was sent this free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. What a useful little gadget! We could do with fitting these to all of our remotes! We spend more time looking for them, than we do actually watching TV. x