Tuesday 20 August 2019

The birthday I nearly forgot.

It was my fella's birthday on Friday and to be honest I nearly forgot! I thought it was actually the middle of this week and not last. lol Stu's birthday was put at the back of our minds. We've had a lot going on here. Sorting the kids for going back to school and college, having days out and spending time with family. 

It got to Monday and I realised I needed to buy some presents. Truffle Shuffle was where I went. I do love that website and have used them plenty in the past. I got some great bargains and even got a couple of presents for Becky's birthday at the beginning of September.

The wrapping had to wait until Stu's actual birthday to be done because I forgot the wrapping paper when we were in town on Monday and had to wait for it to come with the food shopping delivery.

When Stu got up we convinced him to go to town and pick up a few things that we needed like inner tubes for the bikes, rollers to decorate and a few other bits. It gave me the chance to get the food shop delivered and get his presents wrapped. 

The kids had decided that Stu was going to have a party tea so I made a start on cooking that while Becky wrapped his presents!

Stu got back just as I had finished cooking the food and then he finally got to open his presents. Money is tight at the moment so there wasn't many for him to open but what we did get him he loved. Some Wookie slippers, a Star Wars mug, Star Wars Pj's, some chocolate and a new Walking Dead t-shirt. He was very pleased with what he received. Phew!

When tea time came around I warmed up all the party food and put it out on the table. We all dug in and stuffed ourselves. There was loads left which we snacked on all day Saturday too.

We have a running joke about the caterpillar cakes. Either Stu or I have to have one for our birthdays each year. They're a bit of fun and are very tasty too. He rolled his eyes at it but secretly loves it. hehehe

For a birthday I almost forgot I don't think I did too bad at organising things. Stu had a great day and we had lots of smiles and giggles.


  1. Well done for remembering just in time. I don't think I've ever nearly forgotton a family birthday, that must have been a bit of a panic for you, I'm glad it all worked out in the end. My fella is great at forgetting my birthday, there have been many times that he has run out and bought me something on the actual day. x

  2. Happy birthday to Steve, looks a fab day and the food looks delicious especially good old Colin X #mmbc

  3. Oops! It looks like he had a great day though - and at least you did remember in time!

  4. Well done on remembering ~ ps love a caterpillar cake