Thursday 1 August 2019

(Ad - Gifted) Jibbergiggle - The hilarious game of spouting nonsense! - Review!

A few years ago we reviewed a game called Randomise and loved it. The people who made it, Gamely have created another game and wanted us to try it out.

Jibbergiggle takes everyday scenarios and challenges you to act them out using only ridiculous nonsense words and your own expressive face.

Can you calm down a bear using only the words 'wimmy wozzle' or propose to your partner by saying 'patootie'? Master the art of spouting nonsense in silly noises, as others attempt to guess what exactly it is you're trying to do!

I read the instructions and set the game up.

There are 8 sets of scenario cards and as you go through the numbers the scenarios get harder. Obviously we started on set 1 until we got the hang of the game.

You take 8 cards from the top of the scenario card pile and place these on the table or wherever you are playing and the pile of cards along with the Jibbergiggle cards.

The player with the longest tongue starts and going clockwise when it's your turn you pick up a Jibbergiggle card to find your sound and without revealing to the other people playing choose a scenario card to act out using only the nonsense word, the sound of your voice and facial expressions.

Everyone else will try and guess which card you are acting out. If they guess right they get to keep the scenario card, if they get it wrong they are out of that round. The performer gets to keep the Jibbergiggle card if their sound is guessed. The winner is the person who has the most cards at the end!

It is an easy game to play, it's one of those that it is easier to play than actually explain how to play it. The kids loved it and I did too. They thought the made up words were hilarious and had fantastic fun trying to use them to act out the scenarios.

I think it's going to be one of those games which we all play as a family on a Saturday evening. You need at least 3 players to play and can play with as many as 8. It is suitable for 8 year old's plus just because of the reading and understanding which is involved but I think it would be fantastic fun for adults to play too over a few drinks. It's a silly game but a lot of fun!

This would be a fab game for travel and while on holidays as Jibbergiggle is super compact, the size of a double pack of cards so you can easily pack it and play it anywhere!

You can buy Jibbergiggle from Gamely for £12.99 or you can buy three of their games for £35. Shipping is free for UK orders, but they can ship anywhere in the world.

We were sent Jibbergiggle free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. bwoiby woiby, woiby woiby, bwoiby bwoiby,'s not quite the same without the facial expression, but I hope you can understand what I am saying :)

  2. This sounds like a really fun game! It would be perfect for one of our Saturday night get- togethers. x

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun - we love playing games, especially with silly words. Will definitely look out for this one :o)


  4. Wow, that looks right up my street and so much fun! Might have to invest in this for our Sunday evenings as a family :D x