Saturday 31 August 2019

Week 35 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

We've had a busy week. A family day out, a birthday, shopping for the last back to school things and an enrolment at college. I will be glad when the kids go back to school so I can have a rest.

Now for a photo every day!

234/365 - 24th August
I went shopping at Tesco late on to see what reduced stuff they had! I did well! It should have cost £15.55 and I got it for £4.37!

235/365 - 25th August
I was sent the ZeroWater jug to try out and took some more photos for a blog post.

236/365 - 26th August
We had a day out to visit my great aunt and ended up at the seaside on the 2p machines. My dad and my fella were the most competitive. hehehe

237/365 - 27th August
Becky had been helping to paint one of my dad's fences and came home covered in paint.

238/365 - 28th August
Time to wrap Ellie's birthday presents! I did it again, bought more than I should have!

239/365 - 29th August
Ellie had a wonderful birthday! Lots of presents, a day out shopping, a meal out and a unicorn cake! 

240/365 - 30th August
Saw the advert for one of my favourite TV shows, The 100. It's back on Wednesday! I can't wait!

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  1. I bet you love being so close to family again xx

  2. Happy belated birthday Ellie, glad she had a good day. Will be nice for your dad to have seen her on her birthday.
    That was a good bargain at Tesco.
    The kids love the 2p machines, they use them when visiting their dad at work.

  3. Happy Birthday Ellie. Hope back to school goes well for them both next week.

  4. Happy birthday to Ellie! That's a lot of presents! And what a good bargain at Tesco. Our local supermarkets are pants when it comes to reduced prices, just taking off 50-60p.
    We do like a bit of "gambling" at the seaside too, it's a must.

  5. OooOoO Isee sushi in the first picture. That's a lot of money saved, congrats. ooh that's paint! I got worried she got weird bulging spots on her skin. Happy birthday to Ellie!!

  6. I worried what was all over Becky's arms there for a minute, phew only paint. Happy Belated Birthday Ellie and I hope collage is everything she hopes/wants it to be

  7. Happy belated birthday Ellie. Glad she had a lovely day. That is good your Dad got to see her too. What a great bargain you got. I hope Ellie enjoys college xx

  8. Glad Ellie had a good birthday, looks just like my arms would after painting too #365

  9. Aww Happy Birthday Ellie, I always spoil my two a little too much as well. Sounds like she had a great day. Lovely you are now so close to family. I use to work in a supermarket at uni and use to work the late shift which meant we got all the bargains!

  10. That is a lot of paint on the arms! I do that when painting!

    Oh wow I didn't realise the 100 was back on! Set it to record now!

  11. Amazing savings on your shop. I never seem to find bargains like that! Belated birthday wishes to Ellie #project365