Saturday 3 August 2019

Week 31 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

Well the weather has certainly changed again. It seems like we've had more rain in the past week than we have in the last 5 weeks. It's still been warm at least. I do want the blue skies back though.

We have had a good week. We didn't get up to much but it was nice to relax and not have to do anything. There was a point mid week where it was a rainy day and the kids had a bit of cabin fever where they fought like cat and dog. Ugh! We soon got over it and I made sure we were out and about over the next couple of days.

Now for a photo every day!

206/365 - 27th July
It chucked it down all day so we stayed in, caught up on the housework and Ellie baked some cookies. It was a ready made mix that I bought from B&M's. They were very tasty.

207/365 - 28th July
We watched the new Dumbo film. It was OK, not amazing. The original is better!

208/365 - 29th July
We tried out a new game, Jibbergiggle. It is a lot of fun!

209/365 - 30th July
I bought the kids some art and crafts stuff. This is some of it. We had planned to do some on Wednesday but neither of them were in the right mood to do anything together. 

210/365 - 31st July
Pretty pencils. Part of a set we were sent to review. They are of course for my youngest, Ellie. 

211/365 - 1st August
A missed parcel. Ugh. I forgot to arrange the delivery for yesterday so have to wait until Monday. Ugh.

212/365 - 2nd August
Stuart was tinkering with the bikes before we went out on them. By the time we got home my legs were like jelly. Going downhill is fun but uphill on the way home, not so much.

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  1. I hate those parcel cards, we get them all the time. My eldest two also get what we call ransom notes, i.e. letters for parcels that won't be released until they've paid an extorionate amount of money in tax and fees. I've banned them from buying anything else from abroad for a while because the exchange rate is abysmal at the moment. I just hope it picks up after we leave the EU but I've a feeling it won't. I don't think I'll bother watching the new Dumbo film, I loved the original. And I certainly won't be riding a bike :) The pencils are pretty though.

  2. I don't fancy the new dunno film at all, controversially, I don't fancy lion King either x

  3. I get really irritated with those parcel notes, often I'm actually in the flat when I'm in the UK but the postman doesn't ring the bell. I tried watching Dumbo on the plane but didn't enjoy it. Love those pencils, very pretty

  4. Glad you got out on the bikes, but what a shame the weather was bad. It's no fun being stuck in the house! I haven't seen the new Dumbo film and I don't suppose I will now. I either watch films at the cinema or not at all. Here's hoping for some drier weather next week.

  5. Homebaked cookies are always lovely. We haven't watched the latest Dumbo, I think I'll wait when the price for the DVD goes down. The reviews weren't very good, and we love the original film so much.
    I hate missed parcel notes, but then it's better to rearrange rather than have them left at random places. We came home the other day, with the Amazon delivery stuck into the Virginia creeper plant outside the front door. We are on a busy road, without a front garden, just why did the courier think this was a safe spot to leave a packet, I don't know.

  6. I need to find where the OH put my bike, so i can go out with N on it. He loves cycling but at the moment goes out with my brother. I'm totally unfit so I expect I can't go anywhere near as fast or far as them together.

  7. I am not a lover of steep downhills, much prefer up.
    I have never understood the need to reamake any film....the story line is still the same, Titanic still sinks and dumbo still gets taken away from his mummy etc etc, why not just make a new film???
    We have started getting parcels left in our dust bins now we have them round the front of the house.

  8. I've heard a few mixed reviews on Dumbo so don't think I'll both as I love the original. Missed parcels are so irritating, i've only just discovered that our sorting office is open on Sundays which is a game changer here #365

  9. Love the pencils (won't show Anya as it will be yet another sparkly thing she NEEDS!). I want to see Lion King but am not really interested in Dumbo #project365

  10. Hate getting those parcel cards but better then leaving the parcel with a neighbour who then just leaves the box outside your door for anyone to see and steal! My neighbour who I don't get on well with did that. Don't understand why she took the parcel in the first place!
    I am loving those pencils

  11. I hate those parcel cards, I always seem to miss them. I really enjoyed Dumbo, it was different from the original and I actually liked it better. I do love those pencils xx