Saturday 24 August 2019

Week 34 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

What a week we have had. Decorating, shopping and the highlight was getting my teen's GCSE results. We had to wait for them to be posted out but it was worth it! We don't have any plans for the weekend. We have jobs we could be doing but we're going to have a lazy weekend.

Now for a photo every day!

227/365 - 17th August
The decorating of Ellie's bedroom started. It took a couple of coats of paint once the wallpaper had been stripped and the wallpaper was a nightmare to put up because of the pattern but it's done and Ellie loves it!

228/365 - 18th August
While we had the paint out I gave the back door a fresh coat of paint. I absolutely love this door. It's like a stable door where you can leave the bottom half shut and the top open. It lets a lovely breeze in without it getting too breezy!

229/365 - 19th August
My teen loves tinkering with her bike.

230/365 - 20th August
Becky and I went shopping to get the last of Ellie's presents for her birthday! It was crazy to see some of the Christmas things in the shops already! 

231/365 - 21st August
Some colouring in that Becky did.

232/365 - 22nd August
I am back into watching Glee. Such a fab show.

233/365 - 23rd August
We had to wait a day longer than most for Becky to get her GCSE results with moving house.  She did so well, better than we could ever have dreamed of. It turns out her predicted grades meant nothing, she did way better than all of them. All her hard work payed off. I am so proud of her.

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  1. Big well done to Becky! So happy for you all. Ellie's wallpaper looks tricky to put, what with all those intricate patterns. I remember doing the wallpaper in my room with my Dad when I was a teen, we kept fuming at each other, as it was quite a tricky job. Love your stable door.

  2. Very well done to Becky for her results! That is amazing and you must be so proud of her. Ellie must be pleased with her redecorated room too. I love doors like that. I'm embarrassed to admit that our back door is like that, but we don't use it as we can't get to it! It's in our utility room and is totally blocked with stuff.

  3. Well done to Becky on her fab results, every right to be proud of her. I always feel as long as they do their best then that is all we can ask.
    Paper is lovely, glad she likes it.
    That door would be handy with toddlers.

  4. Well done to Becky on her GCSE results. You must be so proud. I've managed to avoid seeing Christmas stuff so far - just the chocolate 'tins'

  5. Well done to Becky on her results. That should set her up well for her new college. Love Ellie's room.

  6. Yay congratulations to Becky on her results. Thats brilliant. Although its all changed since I was at school. Love the choice of wall paper. Would love a back door like that. Hope Ellie had a lovely birthday x

  7. Way to go Becky, that is awesome. Loving Ellie's room it looks fab x

  8. Love the new wallpaper...I can imagine that being a bit of a nightmare to put up!

    I used to love watching Glee...might watch it again...maybe the eldest will enjoy it too!

    Well done to Becky on her results!!

  9. That's great news for Becky with her GCSE results you all must be so proud of her. I'm re watching Glee at the moment from the beginning, probably the 10th time I've watched the series

  10. I think the wallpaper has an interesting pattern. I agree with what you say abut the stable door.
    The colours look beautiful. I haven't watched Glee intensely but it's fun to watch the cast sing.
    Congrats to Becky for her GCSE results!!

  11. Congrats to Becky on her exam results, such a shame she had to wait a little longer for them. Hope the work around the house is making it more of a home for you all. #project365