Saturday 10 August 2019

Week 32 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

This last week seems to be one of those weeks where I don't feel I've stopped but can't think of what I've done and I don't have much to show for my time apart from a cracking bruise on the back of my leg from the bike pedal and a whopping blister on my finger from when I was helping in my dad's garden. Who'd have thought I could chop down a tree. It wasn't a big one but big enough for my first try. lol

Now for a photo every day!

213/365 - 3rd August
The kids, my fella and my dad went to the local auction. I didn't bother as there was nothing I wanted. The kids wanted loads though and bidded on stuff too. Ellie got a guitar for £2 and a massive box of dolls and clothes for 50p. Becky got a few bargains too.

214/365 - 4th August
Becky's bargains from the auction were 3d jigsaws. Most of them the Ravensburger one's. The Eiffel tower, Big Ben & Country cottage. She got 4 of them for £2. I know how much they cost new so she did well. All the pieces so far are there too. She was very impressed with the Eiffel Tower, so impressed that it's still up in the living room.

215/365 - 5th August
My fella and the kids decided that they would put the big tent up. It didn't take them long and the girls spend a good couple of hours messing about in it. There were big arguments when I said they had to take it down, we were forecast rain and storms. They are planning on sleeping in it sometime before they go back to school.

216/365 - 6th August
Our tea on Tuesday. We love these sausages, pork & apple one's. We had them with mushrooms, onions, potato wedges, peas and gravy.

217/365 - 7th August
Ellie was sent a couple of Blume Dolls to have a look at and play with. I have a blog post next week about them but they are brilliant and she's asked for more for her birthday.

218/365 - 8th August
Thursday was the day of arguments! They girls could not get along. They did have a moment just before they went to bed where they were sat in the same space and were getting along.

219/365 - 9th August
The field at the back of my house. The wheat has been there for ages and we've seen tractors and combines whizzing about for a couple of weeks so it was only a matter of time before they got around to this field. It was cut on Thursday and it rained most of yesterday morning. It was nice when the sun came out.

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  1. It looks like the girls got some real bargains at the auction. The Eiffel Tower looks amazing! That's a lovely photo of the girls together, you would never guess they had been arguing all day!

  2. Bargains on those puzzles.
    We used to put up a little 2 man A frame tent each summer and sleep in it in the garden for weeks over Christmas

  3. Apart from thursday it sounds like a great week, the irls had some bargains for sure at the auction. Those Ravensburg puzzles are expensive

  4. The bargains sound great - those puzzles can be expensive. Hope they get a good night for their camp out soon.

  5. I love Ravensburger 3D puzzles, and we have a few in our collection, including the Eiffel tower. It was a very good bargain (not so sure about the pink guitar, lol). The tent looks very spacious, it might be fun to sleep there on a drier night. What a pretty rural view!

  6. Your kids are good bidders! Nice job! Great of you to make them get along

  7. I do love sausages, sounds like a fab combo. What bargains, i'm a bit of a 3D puzzle fan myself #365

  8. The girls did really well with those jigsaws! Must check out our local auction...last time I went to one was when I was a kid. Those Blume dolls look pretty interesting!

  9. they got some good bargains at the auction. Hope they manage to get s night or two in the tent, it is certainly big enough.
    Hated it when all they would do is fight.

  10. Excellent bargains: what sort of auction was it? I am a huge fan of puzzles but haven't tried a 3D one #project365

  11. ooh we love Ravensburger 3D puzzles, we have a few in our collection. My favourite is the Disney castle. The tent looks very spacious and cosy x