Friday 30 August 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Family! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

One of the reasons we moved house from Northumberland to Scunthorpe was to spend more time with family and this past week we have certainly done that. I wanted the kids to know my dad and they have spent plenty of time with him over the past couple of months but this past week was what I had dreamed of. Doing normal family things and having the whole family around for special moments.

We had a great bank holiday Monday and spent the day with family. We went with my dad and his partner Sarah to visit my great Aunt at Hartlepool. We drove from Scunthorpe to Hartlepool and had so much fun in the car just chatting and singing along to music. I have a whole blog post about it next week but it was nice to spend that time together! The kids loved seeing my great Aunt and she loved it too! We ended up going to the sea front and playing on the arcades, mostly the 2p machines. It's was so funny we were all so competitive. On the way home my dad took us to his favourite pub for a meal. It was a carvery and it was one of the best I've had.

Yesterday was Ellie's birthday and it was the first time we've been around family when it's one of the kids birthdays. Ellie was spoilt rotten with presents and money. My nephews mother even popped over on her way home from work to drop a card in and arrange to spend some time together. Ellie had a fantastic day. We went out shopping for the afternoon. Goodness me, that child can shop! We visited all her favourite shops and she has now started adding things to her Christmas list. Eek!

This is what I've wanted, time with family. The kids are always popping to my dad's. He has some land and he's always doing little jobs which they love helping with. Only this week Becky came home covered in paint after painting a fence and last week Ellie was helping to lay concrete. They think it's fantastic doing new things. We're planning on descending on him over the weekend to pick all his blackberries and to see if his pears are ripe on his tree. All I can think about lately is apple and blackberry crumble. hehehe

The last week of the school holidays has been lovely. Becky starts college on Monday and Ellie her new school on Wednesday! Eek! 


  1. Family time is the best, isn't it? So glad your kids are spending time with their grandfather. They are thinking about Christmas already? :)

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely week. we have thing for 2p machines lol. Has to be done every time we go to the coast :) #wotw

  3. If you ever had doubts about your move, this post proves you were right to do it. What a wonderful difference. Fabulous being so close to family that you can just pop in, or join up to visit more of the family. Glad Ellie had a good birthday and enjoyed her shopping trip. Happy weekend! #wotw

  4. It's mad how quick college came around, isn't it! Ross starts Monday too, he can't wait xx

  5. What a lovely end to the summer holidays and how lovely for Ellie to spend her birthday with family. The move certainly seems to have been the best thing for you all. I hope all went well with the start of school for Ellie and college for Becky x #WotW

  6. Ah Kim I love seeing how happy you are since you have moved, it oozes out of your posts which is just wonderful to see. I bet you Dad loves having you all around. I hope Ellie loved her first week in her new school x