Wednesday 7 August 2019

Top tips for choosing a blog name.

When I started blogging I did not know what I know now. I knew nothing about blogging. For a good few months I was just writing blog posts and thankfully other bloggers came to read my blog after I'd commented on their blog. I got myself out there despite not promoting it. Phew!

I thought nothing about choosing a blog name when I first started blogging. I was from Northumberland and I was a Mam so Northumberland Mam came about. It wasn't a long thought out name and it worked well for over 6 years and then I moved house out of Northumberland.

My old Northumberland Mam header

Being called Northumberland Mam and living in Scunthorpe was not going to work so a name change was in order.

I knew I was moving for about a year so had a lot of time to think about a new name. I actually had a couple in mind and I'd say for the first 9 months I was set on one and then at the last minute decided on the other I had in mind.

Here is my advice for choosing a blog name:

Don't choose anything that includes the town/city where you live in case you move house! I never thought I would move out of Northumberland but I did. Only name it after where you live if you are sure you are staying there!

Go for something short and catchy. Don't have a blog name with too many words or hard to spell words.

Don't include a hobby that you have now in case you want to change focus a couple of years down the line. Think things like baking, beauty, sewing, reading or running. Don't be too specific.

If you are planning to buy a domain name check your choice is available and the social media names to go with it too. I found that NameCheckr was fantastic for that.

Don't name your blog after your children. There might come a time when they don't want to be featured on your blog and make sure you are done having babies before you call yourself say mum of 2 girls in case you go on to have another but as of writing this mum of two girls. is available. hehehe That was a possibility at one point for me.

If you’re not sure of a topic or want to blog about a bit of everything you could use something with your own name. Susan K Man, Joanne Dewberry or something like Katy Kicker springs to mind!

Using an automatic generator can take some of the pressure off choosing a blog name. Some popular blog name generators include Nameboy, Panabee and Name Generator.

Make sure your blog name is easy to pronounce. Made up words could be fun but if someone can't say it are they going to remember it but on the other hand I do remember Nomipalony even though it's a made up word.

Be proud to say your blog name out loud. If you say it and it sounds weird or cringe it probably isn't the right name.

If you are part of a blogging group say on Facebook or have some blogging friends ask their opinion. It’s a great way to get some input on your blog name before paying for it. There was a few bloggers who knew my new name before I changed it and the feedback was good.

It was really hard to come up with a new name. It was way harder second time around but I am happy with my new name Life As Kim. It's fits my life at the moment. If my girls still want to be part of my blog they can be but when they decide they don't it can just be about me.

How did you choose your blog name? Are you happy with it or do you wish you'd chosen something different?


  1. Mine was totally by accident, too long to explain in a comment. It has totally worked for me and hits the points you've mentioned in your blog. Also, I love your new nam , it really suits you x

  2. Hi Kim, I think that choosing a blog nae is one of the hardest thing, but at least we only do it once (usually). I remember umming and ahhing terribly as I didn't want my blog to be specific... I think your new blog name is a good one, it leaves you free to write about anything.