Friday 9 August 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Confused! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

There has been a lot of confusion this week! Mainly down to the fact I just don't know what day it is. lol I am totally blaming the kids being off school. They have me frazzled!

I had an appointment on Monday and for the weeks running up to it I was convinced it was on the Tuesday of this week. I'm glad I checked my diary on Sunday evening or else I would have missed it. Now I am double checking all the appointments in case I nearly mess up again.

On Monday night the internet went off and I panicked thinking they had cut us off for not paying the bill. (We had the money, just not in that bank account.) Forever we've paid on the 14th and I thought with moving house they had changed the date of us paying. I checked the bill on my phone and it wasn't due until the 14th so it had me baffled why it was off. We are still none the wiser but I did notice that Sky had charged us £9.95 for sending us a new router because our old one was faulty which they shouldn't have done. Stu spent 45 minutes on the phone and it was finally refunded. They were confused as to why we were charged and so were we.

I happened to check my online gas & electric account on Tuesday and saw the bill was ready which I found odd. I could have sworn it wasn't due until next month (we pay quarterly). More confusion. I have thought about it now. I think they have just jiggled the bill with us moving house and getting the smart meter installed last week.

I placed the order for the food shopping on Wednesday, a day early because I didn't know what day it was. I thought I had placed the order to be delivered on Saturday so imagine my confusion when the Asda man knocked at the door early yesterday morning. We were still in bed when he knocked, I went running downstairs in my pj's so he was a little bit shocked with the state of me. Bed hair and no bra. lol I was trying to hint to Stu that I needed to move away from the door and at least put a bra on. He didn't get it until I went running upstairs and came down a little more presentable. It was Stu's first time dealing with a delivery with no plastic bags and as we weren't prepared it all ended up dumped on the living room floor. lol Oops.

Today is Friday! I've double checked. lol. I nearly forgot to write this blog post. I had been out all day at my dad's, came home and soaked in the bath for an hour, had my tea and it was only at about half past 8 that I remembered that I needed to write it.


  1. Oh my goodness! I think I'd have been confused too! Karen - Early Rising Mum

  2. Since I retired I am often confused about what day of the week it is too. And I am hopeless with dates. It's a nice kind of confusion to have. Have a great weekend!

  3. I've had weeks like that for sure. Plus your Twitter post on Wednesday had me really baffled because it didnt show up until Thursday...the one where you were saying you thought it was Thursday! I've also messed up shopping delivery times and been baffled when it's turned up suddenly. Well, its definitely Friday now. x

  4. What a confusing week. What a shock to have the food delivery turn up several days early. I wouldn't have room in my fridge or freezer. Hopefully the bill timings will settle down into a new routine. At least you haven't missed the beginning of term. #wotw

  5. What a very confusing week. That must have been strange to have it turning up so early xx #wotw