Tuesday 2 July 2019

We have moved to Scunthorpe.

I wrote that we have moved out of Northumberland in my "I'm not Northumberland Mam anymore! Introducing Life As Kim!" blog post but I don't think I mentioned where we had moved. If you follow me on social media you will know as I have been tweeting and posting photos on Instagram. I did write this a few weeks ago before we were settled in.

We are now living in Scunthorpe which is in North Lincolnshire and is over 150 miles from where we used to live in Northumberland. The way I'm describing it is that it's somewhere between Hull and Doncaster, down from York and up from Lincoln. Geography is not my strongest subject. lol

I have been telling some fibs for a while (I'm sorry). We have known we would be moving since this time last year. Stu and I have been talking about moving to be nearer my dad for at least 3 years but it just wasn't possible with Becky studying for her GCSE's. We decided that when her GCSE's were finished we were off.

My dad lives in a small town/large village just outside of Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire and when a house became available and the money situation in our life changed a little we jumped on it. It seemed perfectly timed and is just a 20 minute walk from where my dad lives. We never dreamed we could move into the village, we just had our sights set on Scunthorpe.

Over Christmas when we were away on holiday with my dad, on Christmas Eve we went to visit Scunthorpe and managed to view the house. We fell in love with it. We all agreed that it was a bit of a fixer upper and there is plenty of work that needs to be done which I am so excited about.

When I first saw the carpet and the fireplace in the living room I hated them. For years I have always had wooden or laminate flooring and could think of nothing worse than a patterned carpet. When we viewed the house they started to grow on me. We had decided to paint the wood on the fireplace a different colour, put the TV on the wall and put shelves in the alcoves at the sides of the fireplace. It will all take time but we'll get there in the end.

The kitchen is amazing!! It is about 4 times bigger than the one we had and has so much storage and a gas cooker! I do prefer a gas cooker but have had to make do with an electric one. The kitchen units looked so worn and tatty but now they've had a clean they look fine. I am in love with the back door too. It is a stable style door where I can just open the top half to let some air in.

Between the kitchen and the living room is the dining room. It is a good size and there isn't much to write about. The cupboard under the stairs is huge! You could fit a bed in. lol I did think about making it into an office but there is no window and I think it would be a bit claustrophobic.

The bathroom is downstairs and it is twice the size of our old one. I will be sharing photos soon as it is so cute. There is shelving all of the way around and the bath is in a little alcove. It is going to be so cosy when I go for a bath.

The bedrooms are a good size and has so much storage but they do need decorating and the kids will need new carpets eventually. Becky has chosen the smallest room which I am very happy about but it's still bigger than her old room. It's already had the wallpaper stripped, painted white and she has a new carpet. Ellie has the bigger bedroom and will need the space to store all of her toys. We're having a new rule. She can bring toys downstairs to play with but they're not going to be stored down here. Toys are to live in her bedroom!

Outside is AMAZING! There is a outhouse which has plumbing and electricity which means we can put our washer, a tumble dryer and a chest freezer in it. There is a garden too which is way longer than it looks. The kids already have plans for a trampoline, paddling pool and to camp out in it. Eek! I haven't had a proper garden with grass since I was a child and it is a dream come true. I can't wait to be able to grow plants and flowers. I am so keen on getting myself a greenhouse.

There is a garage at the bottom of the garden which Stu has claimed. He can put all his things that I don't really like in the house like tools, all the computer parts and what not.

We've starting a new chapter or our lives and I of course will be blogging all about it!


  1. Congratulations on your move! Exciting times and it sounds perfect for you and I look forward to seeing your renovations.

  2. Congratulations on the move. The house looks lovely. I hope you are all very happy in your new home

  3. Congrats on the move! It looks like you have bagged yourself a great new home. I would love a stable door in the kitchen and the garden is amazing!! I must also be a great relief to be nearer your father. Good luck in your new home xx x

  4. congratulations! both the house and the view look lovely, enjoy the new place! x

  5. Ah best of luck in your new home Kim - it looks fantastic x

  6. Aw so happy for you all! You will be so happy there. It is so much bigger than your old house isn't it?!
    I did laugh at you telling Ellie that her toys have to stay upstairs. I'm always telling my two that, but they just ignore me haha! :) xx

  7. Good Luck in your new home. I'm sure you'll be very happy there and makes lots of new memories! #MMBC

  8. So happy for you Kim and it sounds as if you have found your perfect home. I love the views from your back garden. All the very best for you all in your new location x

  9. I'm so excited for you! Such a wonderful change, I'm going to really enjoy reading all about it x

  10. You foreigners sneaking down to Lincolnshire stealing all our homes...lol ....Former Scunnie Bunnie both the kids were born there , then I met a fen troll and moved to the badlands south of Lincoln ......Be welcome in our realm , it ain't bad and it's full of bloggers

  11. Congratulations on your move! Hope you get everything sorted as soon as poss.

  12. Ive been so busy this week I missed this post. How sneaky of you keeping secret so long!! I'm so glad you are closer to your Dad, that's great news, and look at that garden and view...just Wow. When I saw your living room I remembered how my friend had a carpet like that and it lasted for years and years. I was so jealous of it because it always looked good. And how great to have a bigger kitchen, that makes a lot of difference. I moved from a tiny kitchen to a big one and it was amazing. You'll soon be making it all look like home I'm sure. x

  13. We're now in the same county! Welcome to Lincolnshire :oD
    I'm glad the move all went well and you're all settling in nicely. I look forward to seeing your garden transformation :o) xx