Wednesday 3 July 2019

A Sunday roast was what we needed.

When we moved house we had pizza the night before we moved, fish and chips the next night and ready meals for the next two evening meals. I felt like that we were all ready for a home cooked meal and I was so keen to give my new kitchen a proper work out and the gas cooker a try! 

For the last 12 or so years I have only ever had an electric cooker and I really missed a gas cooker. I was itching to try it out and thought what better than a roast dinner! We had the shopping delivered on the Friday and everything came so I was all ready!

I sometimes cheat with the potatoes and buy peeled one's. It's pure laziness and costs more but cooking a roast dinner is a lot of work. They taste the same so why not. I also cheated with the Yorkshire Puddings. They were the ready made frozen one's which just needed popping in the oven.

I don't cheat with the roast parsnips though. They are my favourite vegetable and I could happily just eat a plate full of them covered in gravy! 

Stu and the girls are crazy about broccoli! I always buy a lot of it but this time went a bit over the top because I usually buy two of the pre packed one's but Tesco had none in stock so I went with the loose one's and had no idea of the size of them so went for three. They were actually the same size and cost 1 pence less. lol No more pre packed one's for me.

As fast as I was peeling and chopping the carrots the kids were eating them. They do love raw carrot. I think I've raised a pair of rabbits sometimes. lol There was also mashed swede, Brussels sprouts, chicken of course and my favourite ever stuffing! The apple and herb stuffing from Tesco. It is amazing and nearly half the price of other brands!

Cooking with the gas cooker was even better than I imagined. Everything seemed to be cooked a lot quicker and instead of spending hours in the kitchen I had the afternoon free.

In our old house when I was serving a roast dinner up I would end up so stressed as our old kitchen was tiny. There wasn't enough room to swing a cat. I would never enjoy the meals I cooked as I would leave the kitchen feeling stressed but this time I didn't. We were all in the kitchen. Stu making the gravy, Becky keeping and eye on the Yorkshire puddings and Ellie helping me dish up. There was room for us all. When it was time to eat I enjoyed it and nearly ate everything, that rarely happens.

We all enjoyed the first proper, home cooked meal in the new house. I can't wait to cook more! It was a pleasure to cook and not a chore.


  1. I love stuffing, I could literally just eat a whole plate of it with gravy ha! Glad you've settled in so well to your new home :) Stevie x

  2. Ah what a lovely way to begin life in your new house. Hope it's the first of many xx