Saturday 13 July 2019

Week 28 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

These weeks seem to be flying over. We've had a busy one. An agricultural show, a trip to the cinema, visits to my dad's house, a look around Ellie's new school and trying out Sainsbury's for the weekly food shop. It has been non-stop. I have found myself out of the house more than in lately and I like it.

Now for a photo every day!

my girls sat eating an ice cone each
A monster truck crushing cars and my family in the cinema eating popcorn
the anysharp knife sharpener along with a sliced apple
My teenage daughter trying not to smile when I take a passport style photo and my girls riding their bikes in a big field.

185/365 - 6th July
The first day at Winterton Agricultural Show. We took a break and had a sit down and the kids had ice cones. I have a blog post all about it next week.

186/365 - 7th July
Monster Trucks! They were good but they took more time setting up the cars to be ran over than anything else.

187/365 - 8th July
We had a trip to the cinema to see Toy Story 4. It was so good. Such a lovely film and we were the only one's in there.

188/365 - 9th July
I tried out he AnySharp knife sharpener and I was very impressed with it. I had thought about buying new kitchen knives a few weeks ago but now I don't have to.

189/365 - 10th July
I needed a passport style photo for Becky's bus pass for college. I must have took about 20 before I got one where she wasn't smiling, smirking or full on laughing. This one was one for the no pile.

190/365 - 11th July
Just over 2 weeks ago the kids could hardly ride their bikes now they are well away on them. They keep going to my dad's field to practice. 

191/365 - 12th July
I have come to realise since moving here we have to book the food shopping delivery early on in the week or there is no slots left. I tried to book one for yesterday morning and none of the supermarkets around her had one. The best I could get was between 12 & 1pm. It was the first time in a long time using Sainsburys. I did get money off the shop as I signed up as a new customer. hehehe

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  1. Busy week, Kim! Those ice cones look jazzy, were they tasty? The Monster Truck is quite a monster indeed in size. What a shame there were no other people in the cinema, I would have thought the new Toy Story would be very popular. I haven't done a big shopping in Sainsbury's in a long time, though I do like their Taste the difference range.

    1. They just tasted of flavoured ice, really sugary!
      Ahh! We went to see Toy Story 4 on a Monday afternoon, with moving house my youngest is off school so got in there while all the other kids were at school. hehehe
      Sainsbury's is more expensive. I prefer Tesco. I might do a little shop every now and again because we loved their own brand pizzas and they sell alcoholic Dandelion and burdock. x

  2. Crikey those ice creams look something! We love an agricultural show. It's great the girls have somewhere to practice on their bikes. N is obsessed with getting out on his now his uncle's bought another bike and takes him out.

  3. It's been a busy week. Sounds like the girls are enjoying their long school holiday this year.

  4. How lovely that you are spending more time out of the house now and that the kids are getting to ride their bikes. I would never have guessed that the supermarket delivery slots would vary in different areas. I usually order mine on a Monday evening for a Wednesday evening, but I could probably book it on Monday for Tuesday if I wanted to.

  5. Sounds like a lovely busy week, glad to hear you're enjoying your new home and surroundings. I love agricultural shows, sadly we don't get them over here

  6. I love agricultural shows. Something for everyone. I find Sainsbury is my go to, if I need something for the next day. The rest have to be booked a few days in advance. I need to get a photos of the children and me for id. Not looking forward to it. No-one is ever happy. #MMBC

  7. In my country, we call those ice cream cones 'gola ganda'. Monster trucks! That must be intense to watch, after they were done arranging it. I want to watch Toy Story 4!
    Since people don't necessarily look good on their passport pictures so might as well look as if you are enjoying 😊

  8. What a busy sounding week. Those ice-creams look fab. That truck is impressive isn't it? I so want to see Toy Story 4 xx

  9. It's great to read that the move has been successful. We don't have a Sainsburys that close to us but if we did I'd be spending more money on the books than food!

  10. hiow lovely they are getting out on their bikes, well done to the two of them, though grass not the easiest to cycle on.
    Never impressed with big foot show but as part of another show least you did not need to pay.
    Very hard to get a decent close up picture for things like that

  11. Slots round our way are difficult to get too. Love how they have a field to practice in and how much they enjoy it. Those snow cones look really colourful, we don't seem to see them very much which is a shame as Im sure the boys would like them. The monster trucks look amazing x

  12. We tend to do click and collect as it is cheaper and the shop is on the way home for Chris. Never seen monster trucks in action or been to an agricultural show, not sure if they have them down south... #project365

  13. Those ice cones look pretty impressive!

    I want to go watch Toy Story 4! Need to fit that in in the holidays!

    I am yet to see a Monster Truck in action!