Thursday 4 July 2019

A change of address checklist when moving house!

There is so much to think about when moving house and all the people you need to tell about your change of address is crazy. I spent a good few hours after we had moved house filling in forms paper and online. Some I found you could do beforehand but others I waited until we had actually moved as we were moving out of Northumberland to North Lincolnshire.

Here are the main organisations and people to inform about a house move!

A checklist with some tick boxes and a pen

Redirect your mail!
This was the first thing I did. As well as getting your post it is a good way to stop identity theft. It is so easy to set up via Royal Mail. The fee starts from around £34 for three months, and you can redirect your post for up to 12 months to your new address. It cost us a little more than £40 as Stu and I both have different surnames.

The Bank!
It is so important to inform your banks, building societies, insurance companies or any other businesses that deal with your money so they can update their records of you. Keep in mind that once you change your address with your bank you’ll also need to update your billing address for any stores or services that bill you through that account too.

Inland Revenue, National Insurance, Department of Work & Pensions, Child Benefit!

The Electoral Role!
It is so important to be able to vote but being registered at your new house can also help to improve your credit score.

Inform your local authority
We informed Northumberland Council we were moving to a different area and it took 5 minutes to fill out a form to check we had paid all the council tax we should have. When we moved here I filled in a form online so we can pay the council tax. 

Make sure your provider knows what date you're moving and then take a reading of your gas and electricity on the day you leave to send to them. This will stop you from being charged for gas and electricity that you haven't used. I forgot about this and probably going to have to pay an estimated bill. Ugh! With the water as we were moving counties and water supplier we had already paid our bill for the quarter so they ended up owing us money. A grand total of £3.74. lol

TV, Phone and Broadband!
We rang Sky and did everything over the phone. We got a great deal for being a long time customer. They disconnected us the day we moved and the broadband and phone were reconnected in the new house the day after, then the engineer came the day after that to install the Sky TV. It was so straightforward and I am glad we rang up a couple of weeks in advance.

TV License!
This is something you can do a few months in advance. When we arrived at the new house there was a letter saying there was someone coming to check there was a TV license in this house so I am glad I had already changed the address.

House Insurance!
It's important to remember to update the details on your home and contents insurance as your insurance premium is likely to change alongside your address. Our contents insurance is actually cheaper here where we are now. I think it's because there is less crime. hehehe

DVLA: Update your driving licence, 
Vehicle Breakdown Cover, Car Insurance & V5C Vehicle Log Book!

Your GP!
You can inform your GP that you are moving house but we waited until we had moved house to register with a new one. The amount of forms to fill in were unreal. There were about 6 each and I had the honour of doing them all. Ugh! 

Store Cards!
This was something I had forgotten about until I went to order a Tesco shop and changed the address for delivery. You have to go on their club card website and change your address separately. It's a bit of a faff but can all be done online! It also gave me change to order a new card as I didn't have one and there is a Tesco within walking distance.

Online shopping sites
With sites like Amazon and eBay, it’s easy to place orders without looking closely at the shipping details and if you fail to change your address early on you might forget to make the change during your first purchase at your new place.

Is there any I have forgotten about?


  1. Such a useful post! There is so much to remember when moving house! I had to make my own big list when we moved or I would have forgotten it all! x

  2. There's so much to think about isn't there! Sounds like you've got it nailed! #MMBC