Wednesday 31 July 2019

This is what I loved in July.

What a month July was. We moved house on the 27th of June so this past month everything has been new, different and exciting! I have never felt more relaxed and happy. It is a different way of life living where we do now. I still feels like a whole new world.

Schools & Colleges.

The girls have both been to see their new school and college over the past month. I have a really good feeling about both. I wrote about Ellie's new school and didn't write about Becky's college much. It is fab. We had a grand tour and I think she'll be happy there. Becky's college is about 40 minutes away and two buses but I think she'll manage OK. We had a right faff trying to get her bus pass sorted but it's done now. Hooray! 

The Auction.

There is an auction which runs near us every Saturday and before we moved here my dad helped out by getting us a sofa set, dining room tables and chairs and beds. They were all 2nd hand but you could never tell. Since we have moved here we've been nearly every week and we've got some right bargains. Chest of drawers for £5 each, a computer desk for Ellie for a few pounds, a working PC tower for £5, a strimmer, bikes and lots of other things. If we were buying the stuff new we'd have spent thousands and even buying it 2nd hand in Ashington where we used to live would have cost hundreds. I am so pleased with our bargains and it's quite addictive bidding on things.

Being outside.

In the last month I think I have spent more time outside than I have in the past year. lol We have been careful in the sun using bottles and bottles of sun cream but we have all still ended up with a lovely tan. I was the only silly one to burn on our first weekend here! We went to Winterton Agricultural Show on our 2nd weekend, we've spent lots of time at my dad's place helping out and lots of time in our garden. The kids have learned to ride their bikes over the past month and there's no stopping them.

The shops in Scunthorpe.

When anyone from here finds out we love Scunthorpe high street they think we're mad. Our old high street didn't have much. A Poundland, Poundstretcher, Asda, Wilko's about 15 takeaways, charity shops and a few banks. If we wanted B&M that was a 20 minute walk in the other direction. Primark in Newcastle (55 mins on the bus) and Home Bargains and the cinema in Cramlington (45 mins on the bus). Now when we go to Scunthorpe everything is 5 or 10 minutes walking distance from when we get off the bus. 

The cinema is right next to the bus station then there's all the shops. I've never been in Primark so much. I am getting annoyed with them though. When I find something they have it in every size but mine! The kids are loving it too. Ellie was in heaven when we first took her and saw there was Claire's Accessories and The Entertainer.

My daft girls with silly animal heads on.

I have found my love for music again! I used to watch This Morning every day but I've not seen it since we've moved house. All I really watch now is the soaps. I have been listening to a lot of music. Hooray for Spotify. Last week I worked my way through a playlist of every number once since 1986! There was tons of songs I'd forgotten about.

The new household rules.

When we moved house Stu and I both agreed that we would implement some new rules. Nothing too harsh, just things to make everyone's life a bit happier and easier. Things like no shoes in the living room, no food in there either. Meals are to be eaten at the dining room table and dishes will be washed when a meal is finished now that we have instant hot water. The kids are only have a maximum of 3 hours a day on electronics but to be honest they're not really bothering. They have so many other things to do.

What did you love in July?


  1. The playlist sounds brilliant! I definitely need to find it and give it a listen

  2. Hi Kim, you sound so happy! I'm a real dummy with areas/towns. Have you moved nearer the countryside? It so nice to be able to get outside more... Buying second hand stuff can be a real money saver. I recently invested in a 'renewed' computer for a fraction of the price of a new one and our Dyson and freezer are all second hand and were brilliant buys. I was wary buying electric stuff second hand, but all came with one year warranties and I'm so glad we took the plunge!... I see you've rebranded the blog!... It's been a while.


  3. It sounds like you've all settled into your new home really well, I'm super pleased for you! The auction sounds fab as well, you've got some great bargains by the sounds of it!

  4. What a lovely month you've had, the move really has done you all the world of good. Primark is a nightmare for sizing, most of my time in there is spent searching the rails for the right size it can feel like a jumble sale sometimes. The auction sounds like lots of fun and you've had some amazing bargains. Try your local Freecycle and Freegle too as people give away some great pieces of furniture.

  5. Good for you - sounds like a fresh new start in time for summer! #MMBC

  6. You sound so much happier in your new home, it sounds like you are all full of busy and having a wonderful summer x