Friday 26 July 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Garden! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I could have gone for the obvious this week and used hot! What a scorching week we've had! I hid inside yesterday as it was just too hot. Even the kids stayed in, the heat has beaten them.

On Saturday Stu was at the local auction. We needed a strimmer to get to the weeds in the places the mower wouldn't reach. He managed to get one for a few pounds and set to work on Sunday sorting it out. I should have taken a proper before and after picture because now it looks so much different just with all the weeds gone. I didn't even realise there was a wooden border around the edges. hehehe

My fella mowing the grass and the weeded garden

Becky has been doing some gardening too. The other week she was helping my dad out and he paid her and she must have thought she was onto a good thing because now she has a little gardening business on the go. She went off on Wednesday to do some weeding and gardening for one of my dad's friends and was paid for her work. She thinks it's fantastic. She now has her own money which she is preferring to save instead of spend!

In our back garden there is always such a lovely breeze coming from the big corn field. On Wednesday evening I was sat in the house roasting and thought I will try sitting outside. I took my laptop and a glass of wine and it was lovely! The sun wasn't too bright and the breeze was lovely! I think I might do it every night! Becky came out an joined me, I did send her away after about 5 minutes as her ice cream was attracting so many bugs. hehehe

A glass of wine, my laptop and the sun setting

I am hoping that when it cools down a little we can move the purple slate stones that are down the sides of the back garden to the front of the house. At the front there is lots of pebbles but half of them are missing so we're hoping to fill the gap. Then when they have gone I can get on with digging the soil and hopefully planting something.

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  1. Nice to see your garden taking shape. There are things hubby wants to do to ours but funds do not permit....funnily enough commented on in my #WotW post.

  2. Garden is such a good word. Yours sounds like it's in a good position. I love sitting out in the evenings. Good for Becky finding a job that suits her. I'm sure when term starts, she'll appreciate having saved some money up. That first term after GCSEs can be surprisingly expensive for them. I'm guessing you'll be in the garden this weekend. Enjoy! #wotw

  3. It must be so lovely to have such a big garden now, it really is a joy to be sitting outside sometimes, but not with Ice cream attracting the bugs. I think it's great that Becky is earning some money and helping people at the same time. I've a few jobs need doing if she's fancies a trip to Birmingham. :) Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  4. It sounds you have lots to do but the garden looks like a blank canvas, well done Becky that is very enterprising, it sounds like you are all well and truly settled in x

  5. What a project! I love those purple slate stones. best of luck with it and look forward to seeing the finished garden.

  6. Garden certainly is a good word for the week considering how hot it's been.
    Enjoy your project. Hoping your evening in the garden stay nice and breezy for you. #mmbc

  7. How lovely to sit outside in the garden with your laptop and a glass of wine. Looks like Stu did a good job of clearing the weeds and well done to Becky for being so enterprising with her little gardening business! #WotW