Tuesday 16 July 2019

A weekend at the Winterton Agricultural Show!

Before we even moved down to Scunthorpe my dad told me about the Winterton Agricultural Show and that he was planning on displaying his two vintage tractor things and his vintage car. He of course invited us all to go and we have been looking forward to it for months.

The two day show has everything you expect to find at an agricultural show. Horses, sheep, chickens, Alpacas, craft stalls, music, motorbikes, floats, monster trucks, scurry racing, random displays in the main arena, dog shows, fairground rides, lots of different food and so much more! 

We arrived at the show at about 10am on Saturday and the kids were keen to have a look around. 

There was so much to see and watch. Every step we took there was something new and different. The kids were fascinated. It was the first time they had been to a show like this. They were amazing by all the effort people go to in the craft, baking and flower arrangement competitions and could have easily spent hours just watching the show jumping.

Lots of the different community groups in the town made floats and got to show them off by going around the ring. They had all made so much effort. There was one's from schools, playgroups and youth clubs.

The Imps Motorcycle Display Team which were on My Sunday Snapshot post were amazing! Some kids on the motorbikes looked so small and I think they said the youngest was 5 years old!

Towards the end of day one at the show all the vintage farm vehicles that had been on display all day got to do a lap or two around the main arena. My dad has his old lawnmower and his little tractor thingy. 

My dad drove the tractor and his partner drove the lawnmower. It was brilliant fun and the kids loved watching them!

Day two, the Sunday was a bit of a later start. There was a 10 mile run and then a fun run so there was no rush to get there.

We took a picnic on the Saturday but promised the kids that they could get something from one of the food vans on the Sunday. Becky went for chips & gravy, Ellie chicken noodles, Stu a huge cheeseburger and I had a pork & stuffing burger, then a hot dog later. hehehe

It was a more relaxed day on the Sunday as we had seen all the stalls so just hung around the music tent and the main arena, flitting between the two. The scurry racing was amazing! (Ponies pulling a carriage around a course in an attempt to get the fastest time.) Those little things go so fast and we saw all of the final round. Amazing!

We also saw a Freddie Mercury tribute act. He was such a good entertainer and all of my family are big fan's of the real Freddie and Queen. We were singing, dancing and clapping along.

There was wrestling to watch and the monster trucks. They were good but they took more time setting up the cars to be ran over than actually doing anything. I just thought they ran over anything they wanted but everything has to be positioned exactly which ruined the illusion a little.

The kids wanted to go on this huge inflatable slide and I cringed watching them on it. It was too high for my liking and they were bouncing all over. I couldn't watch and walked off to see what my dad was up to. He was getting his vintage panel van to go for a whizz around the main arena. I got the honour of riding along with him around the ring.

My dad's partner was the first one to notice me in the car, then Stu arrived at ringside and then a few minutes later the kids. There faces were a picture. hehehe They certainly didn't expect to see me there.

It was such a fab weekend. We didn't actually spend that much money with taking a picnic on the Saturday, getting free entry with the guest passes my dad gave us and the kids were rather spoilt and given money by my dad's partner which paid for all their fairground rides. Thankfully they didn't have enough money left at the end of Sunday to play hook a duck. They were going to try to win themselves a goldfish. Eek! lol By the end of the show we were exhausted with all the fresh air and the walking. It took me until Wednesday for my legs to recover but I think we will be back next year!


  1. If you enjoyed this theres the big steam rally 17th 18th August at the Lincolnshire Showground , excellent day out

  2. What a fun family time - loved reading about all the great activities. #MMBC

  3. Haha lucky escape with the fish! Looks like you had a brill day x

  4. It sounds like you all had so much fun. My kids would love something like this I'm sure.

  5. I haven't been to a show like this in years. I'm really impressed with all the entertainment on offer, I bet the wrestling was a lot of fun