Friday 19 July 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Nature! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Before we moved house we lived in a really build up, concrete area. There was countryside about a 20 minute walk away but there was nothing there apart from fields so we never really ventured there. The most nature we saw was if we went for a walk around the woods.

Where we live now we are surrounded by fields. Most of them are full of corn and whatever else farmers grow. They have been harvesting them this week and if I had a pound for every tractor I have see go past my house I'd be rich! 

This week we seem to have seen so many animals, bugs and nature. 

On Monday we were at my dad's house outside and the amount of bugs flying about was unreal! There was no wind and they were just all there crawling all over us. The farmers cutting their fields are the reason apparently. We have learned not to wear anything white or yellow!

A yellow flower covered in bugs and then another photo of lots of flowers and plants

Stu was out hanging the washing out one morning and noticed piles of poo in the garden. He was all set to blame next doors dog but then thought it didn't look like dog poo. He came inside and Googled it. We're 99% sure it's hedgehog poo. We've yet to see any but we are looking out for them.

Becky has been helping my dad with some gardening and she has been having the best time mostly. She did get stung by nettles which wasn't her favourite moment but she did learn about dock leaves and how they help.

Ellie has been fascinated by my dad's fish! There's about 15 in his pond. There is one little one which my dad said he didn't buy and it's a baby of one of the others. Aww! 

Orange fish in a pond and a pigeon in a nest in a tree.

My dad and Becky were getting rid of some bushes and trees and all was going well until they found Penny, the pigeon! It has been named because it doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon. She is sitting in her nest and we are assuming on eggs. They didn't want to disturb her so removing the trees has been put on hold for now.

We have also had some issues with birds. There must be a nest on top of our house because we have been finding dead baby birds just outside our front door this week. We are guessing they are falling out of their nest. Nature is rubbish at times.

In the past three weeks we have lived here I have seen more of what nature has to offer than the last 10 years living in our old house. lol I know there is much more to see. 


  1. What a huge contrast. You are going to learn so much, I can tell. Good to see so many bugs. We have hedgehog poo, but no sightings yet. The dogs used to find them in the dark, so I probably should see if our current hound can find them too. We painted our kitchen yellow one year, which was a mistake. Everything is white now. Enjoy your weekend. #wotw

  2. how lovely that you are getting to experience so much nature, I'm sure in time it will be your normal. I like how you've highlighted the good and bad bits, it's not all beautiful is it. I hope Penny gets on well with her babies and that you get to spot some hedgehogs soon too.
    Thanks for linking up to #Wotw

  3. I love your word this week, Kim. Nature can be beautiful and walking in the woods is fun, but sometimes nature involves swarms of flying bugs, dead baby birds, and hedgehog poo!

  4. What a fantastic move you made! I love being out in nature and appreciate the glorious countryside where we live - so refreshing just to get out! Sim x

  5. So happy for your move isn't it amazing what way our bodies and soul feel at home when we are surrounded by nature again.

  6. It's lovely to be surrounded by fields isn't it?! I could never go back to living in a town again. I did giggle at the dodging of yellow/white clothing! We have those pollen beetles and they love the bright clothes on the washing line. We also have a lot of hornets too, which I really dislike! x

  7. It is a massive change. Sounds adllyic and much perfer countryside to the city X #wotw

  8. Ah Kim I love how much happier you seem living in your new home, I adore living on the countryside sometimes the flies drive me potty but they are a small price to play and yes I agree nature can be cruel sometimes x