Friday 27 September 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Frustrated! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I have found myself getting very frustrated with various things over the past week, most of the frustrations would not be there if people would do their jobs properly. Grr! 

It started with a letter Becky received from the hospital, a referral to the audiology department at the hospital for hearing tests and a check on her deafness in one ear. She's not deaf in one ear, her sister is though. The doctor had got them mixed up when we went to get the referrals for the heart checks and hearing tests for Ellie last week. I spent 20 minutes on hold to the doctors then another 10 trying to explain to the receptionist what the problem was and for her to get it straight in her head and make a note for it to be changed. Now we wait for another appointment. Ellie did get her appointment for her heart check up. January 2020. It seems a long way away but I bet it's here in no time.

We haven't had a washing machine for 2 and a half weeks. It broke and the engineer came out to fix it on Saturday and said they needed to order a part. We have the repair plan with Curry's and pay so much a month for repairs and if it can't be fixed a replacement. 10 days we waited for the part to appear and it didn't. We rang up to ask what was going on and for a replacement and the man on the phone said the part needed was rare and it should have been written off on Saturday. Grr! I was fuming! We went over a week longer without a washing machine than we should have! We were told to email for compensation because they messed up. We are due money back for the phone calls we've had to make and the inconvenience.

We rang Tuesday and we given the voucher code to get a replacement washer on Wednesday and yesterday my dad and Stu went off to pick a new one up from Curry's. It's takes a bigger load than our old one and looks very fancy. Yesterday I spent the day washing, sorting and folding clothes. Thankfully the weather was nice, a big change from what we've had.

It seems to have rained all week which I have not liked one bit. Since we moved house I have been out and about most days and the rain stopped that! I have felt so frustrated being stuck inside.

I have been frustrated with Ellie's homework. Most of it is to do online and it's taken a while to get the log in details. She was stressing about not doing homework and I was stressing that she was stressing. They all seem to be working now apart from the maths one but I am sure Ellie can live with that. hehehe I've left a note in her planner and hopefully a teacher will see it and sort it. They do seem to read the planners unlike Ellie's last school as I got a text on Friday telling me I must sign it every week. I forgot. Oops.


  1. What a bummer with the washing machine. Amazing when we don't have something we're used to, and the inconvenience. Our water was out for a couple of days a while back, and it was a nightmare! Took days to get sorted. #WotW

  2. I'm glad you have your new washing machine, I don't think I could manage that long without one. It does sound like a frustrating week though. I always find that the following week is much better, I hope it is for you anyway. xx

  3. Typical that we pay out so much money for if things go wrong, and when they do the amount of incompetence is staggering. Glad you finally got your washing machine sorted :) #WothW

  4. So glad you finally got your new washing machine - how frustrating to have to wait for repairs though when they should have written it off. I once had to go six weeks without mine as it took so longer to get it repaired but thankfully that was before I had children. Glad you managed to get the mix-up with Becky and Ellie's hospital referrals sorted - January 2020 sounds like a long way away but really isn't that far off. Being cooped up indoors is frustrating too. Glad that Ellie's online login for homework has mostly been sorted too. Hope you have a good weekend x #WotW

  5. That is a long time to be without a washing machine. I can feel your frustration. We went for one with a bigger load last time and it is amazing the difference. I'm glad you sorted out the hospital mistake. Bit frightening that they could confuse the two girls. I'm hoping for clearer weather this weekend too, but I'm not sure the forecast is good. I need to get out too! #wotw

  6. Oooh that's a long to be without the washing machine! no wonder you felt frustrated, I'd have been tearing me hair out! lets hope next week is less frustrating! Karen, Early Rising Mum

  7. I was forever forgetting to sign my son's planner lol. I'm glad you're washing machine is finally sorted, that would frustrate me too x

  8. My sympathies about the washing machine.EVERY machine in our kitchen broke last year (except the fridge which we had thankfully renewed in 2017) and we were skint because of the business going bust. The washing machine went last and that was the WORST of all; spent ages looking for a launderette but couldn't find one, washing stuff by was awful and for about as long as you or maybe a bit longer! Now we have a Samsung washing machine; I love it. It plays a merry little tune when it has finished.
    Sympathies also about the online homework. Text books seem to be a thing of the past; I can't help unless I have a worked example to go by. I don't really agree with everything being online; both of mine have had to start wearing glasses since starting high school and the optician says this is becoming quite a common thing.