Tuesday 10 September 2019

It's my teen birthday! 17 seems so old!

Last year I felt old that I had a 16 year old. This year I am feeling practically ancient that my teen is 17 years old. Heaven help me next year when she turns 18. It has been a massive year for Becky and she has done me proud. 

This time last year Becky was starting her last year at secondary school and preparing for her GCSE's. I'd like to say she got the hang of revising easily but no, we had many an argument to start with about how she needed to take these exams seriously and actually do some work. 

Thankfully she did get the hang of revising and worked hard. She did better than most of her predicted grades and got more passes than she needed to get on the course at college.

Just after Becky's 16th birthday the chance of a job came along in a high street shop. She filled in the application form and went for the interview. She was messed around a little with paper work not being signed off but had her first shift. She never got to stay for the whole of it because the manager had trouble putting her on to the system. It turns out the company didn't employ people who were still at school. Ugh! The manager was devastated and so angry for Becky that she got all the way through the interview and starting the job then ended up with no job! She might not have had a job but it was some great experience for her.

Becky is a pleasure to spend time with. She is like a real adult now. We share many interests and like lots of the same TV shows now. She does make me chuckle that she's a big fan of Coronation Street now. She has impressed me with her maturity when watching shows like Naked Attraction and the news. She knows more about politics than I do at the moment!

Becky is quite partial to borrowing my clothes now even though I am about 4 sizes bigger than her. I am always finding her in my pj tops, tshirts and hoodies. She wears the same sized shoes as me now and has totally stolen the only boots I own. When we were at the new patient appointment at the doctors our height was measured and she is half an inch shorter than me. She said if she had the boots on she would be taller than me. Eesh!

I was a nightmare when I was 17 but Becky is good girl. She of course loves to stay in bed, leaves her clothes laying all over the place, doesn't wash the bath out after her but I can't complain. She has made me proud over the last few weeks, starting college, getting the bus alone and making new friends. I couldn't be any prouder!

Today Becky will be spending her birthday at college. She has an 11am start so she can at least have a relaxed morning and get to open all of her presents. I think she's going to be impressed with them this year. hehehe


  1. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. My daughter is the same, she stays in bed all day, never cleans the bath out - which is always full of body scrubs and lotions and potions and has clothes pilled up over her room lol. xx

  2. Oh how sweet! No matter how old she is you are still 29 !! ha ha! She sounds like a lot of fun and a great friend!!