Thursday 21 February 2019

Watching CH4's Naked Attraction with my teen...

I wrote this post a few of months ago but never got around to posting it. Oops.

Have you ever seen the CH4 show Naked Attraction? It is a very risky "dating game show" in which a clothed person selects a contestants from six naked people, whose bodies and then faces are revealed in stages from the feet up. It is the type of TV show that I would have never dared watch with my parents.

A picture of a tv with the text watching CH4's Naked Attraction with my teen

Becky had been on about it for a while, had seen it advertised and she wanted to watch it too. Up until a while ago I said there was no way is she watching that. It shows willy's and boobs. I was being a prude! She is 16 years old. Is she old enough to see just naked bodies on TV? Like she said it was Blind Date but without clothes, well sort of.

After watching it, it left me thinking that it was a fantastic thing to watch with a teenager. I admit is it so strange to watch at TV show like that with a teenager. I cringed a lot but it is a great conversation starter. 

Becky knew that all bodies are not the same but this proved to me that she knew this. People come in all shapes, colours and sizes and that's OK. Sometimes people have big or small boobs, stretch marks, perfect skin, lots of pubic hair or none, bigger of flat stomachs, amazing tattoos hidden under clothes and it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

I was quite proud that Becky watched it without giggling and being childish. I really expected her to be. There is nothing wrong or to be ashamed about the naked body. It opened up the subject that someone of her age should not be seeing naked bodies in the wrong situations. Watching on TV with your mother on a "game show" like this is OK but someone flashing their bits in the street is not. Seeing a naked person in the swimming baths changing rooms is OK but someone sending naked photos to you is not! She gets what is right and what is wrong. 

The episode we watched was where a woman who must have been bisexual had 3 men and 3 women to choose from. That was different from what I had ever seen before on the show. I have only seen men choosing women and women choosing men. Becky did not even question it! I silently cheered! She gets that same sex relationships are normal.

From what I have read Naked Attraction has been slated in the press but it is showing normal bodies on TV as opposed to air brushed super models that you see online. It promotes body confidence and positivity.

A lot of the chat that Becky and I had was serious but some of the things she was coming out with was hilarious. A naked man and all she mentioned was his hairstyle, it was a man bun. She laughed at when one of the naked people were fully clothed, in her words "they looked better naked, they need Gok Wan to give them some style tips". How does he have more hair on his face than anywhere else. That piercing is so pretty, oh, that must have hurt!

A few weeks ago I would have never have watched something like this with girl but now I am glad I did. It gave us a lot to talk about and it showed me how mature Becky can be.


  1. I've always been open with my boys, about sex, so they knew they could always come to me with questions. I've heard some strange ones believe me! I think this show is great for all the reasons you've written about, fantastic way to open the important conversations xx

  2. pmsl ...i have to say that we call this the flange show and it inspires much grumbing disgust from my other half, once a prude always a prude ...stil watches it though . Best comment...when did so much weird stuff start hiding under peoples

  3. I think being open is the best way and good on becky for being mature about the subject X

  4. It's interesting to see how things have changed over time too e.g. Marilyn Monroe was no stick insect apparently. Art also reflects how people thought too over time and as for cultures the UK seems to have tabooed sex while France is more open about things. I think C4 is great for creating debate. #mmbc