Friday 1 February 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Cold! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Hooray! It's February! January seems to have been the longest month ever and oh my goodness how cold is it! I have just put the heating back on because I was freezing and it was making me miserable. My poor little hands were numb!

All summer I complain about the heat and all winter I complain how cold it is. lol I am that person who is never happy. I think I would be a little happier if it snows! I keep asking my Google Home Mini thingy if it will snow and it keeps saying yes it will but so far we have nothing. Hmmf! The other day it even told me it would snow between 2 & 4pm. It was quite specific but there was nothing.

On Saturday night I didn't feel right. I just felt run down and I went to bed. Soon after Ellie woke and was sick. She ended up in mine and Stu's bed with him ending up on the sofa. We didn't get much sleep and by Sunday morning I was starting with a cold. Ugh. Ellie was fine by then thankfully. I felt rotten for a few days and by Wednesday I did start to feel better. I have been left with a really annoying cough and last night I started sneezing again and getting a blocked up nose. I better not be getting a cold on top of a cold. Ugh.

I had a phone call from school on Tuesday. As soon as the teacher says they are from the school my blood runs cold and I fear the worst. It was Ellie's RE teacher who rang. He wanted to let me know how well she is doing and was actually awarded Star of the Lesson that day. I was quite shocked. I only ever get bad news from the school, not good news! The whole of the phone call I was waiting for the "but" to come but there wasn't one. I went straight on the Class charts website where I can see what the kids have been rewarded for and it was there in black and white. Positive Phone Calls home must be a new thing. I think it is such a great idea.

The kids are dying for some snow. If it could come over the weekend that would be great! Not today though. Becky has another early GCSE exam. This time it's for Health and Social Care. She has been revising lots this past week but it is her favourite subject so it hasn't felt like a chore.


  1. oooh that is early for GCSE exams isn't it? We have positive phone calls home, I think they are really nice. I've not had too many though, I think they have to do really well to get one. Well done Ellie, little star! I hope you get some snow the weekend. I would like some this weekend too, I feel a bit left out. But it has to be gone by Monday when I go back to hospital :) Thanks for linking up to #wotw xx

  2. Sorry to hear that you and Ellie have been unwell this week and hope you are feeling better now. Well done to Ellie on getting the Star of the Lesson and how nice to get a positive phone call from school. Hope all went well with Becky's exam today x #WotW

  3. Everyone is ill, I am sure I am coming down with Chris's cold now I feel rotten, hope you are all feeling better. Well done Ellie for the school messages that is amazing its so lovely to get positive news isn't it? Its soo cold we have had loads of snow in the last couple of weeks I am hoping that it now, I cant wait for spring x

  4. We've had the tiniest amount of snow this week, I've been so jealous of people who have had a ton. I know it's an inconvenience for a lot of people but I love seeing how much the kids enjoy playing in it. Well done to Ellie and best of luck to Becky.I hope you are all feeling a bit better for the weekend x #wotw

  5. Hi Kim, having to put the heating back on did make me smile as I try to keep our fire burning as much as possible and I'm sat here blogging with a heater aimed directly at me (halogen which are perfect for instant heat and pretty efficient to run. There is no way I would survive any length of time in winter in the UK... The positive phone call sounds a good idea. Like you said we normally associate phone calls from school with negative things, but to hear that Ellie is doing well must have been a lovely surprise.


  6. I think your Google home mini is a pleaser. It's saying what it thinks you want to hear. Hope you get snow at some point. Lovely to get a call home. We get those too. Not often, but so nice when it happens. Well done Ellie. Hope she is feeling better, and you too. Fingers crossed for Becky's exam. I hope it went well. Great to get some of them out of the way before the bulk in the summer. Hope you have a good (and maybe snowy) week.#wotw

  7. You can have so much fun with the Google home. Sorry to hear yo have not been feeling well and hope you got some well earned rest and feel better soon X #wotw