Tuesday 26 February 2019

February half term baking!

We always like to have an afternoon of baking during the school holidays. It makes an easy tea when you put the cakes we have baked along with a few sandwiches and a packet of crisps. 

Last week we also wanted to bake before we went to see my Great Aunt. She is a baker and whenever she comes to visit she always brings us a selection of cakes and the most amazing scones. Ellie said because we were going to visit her we should take her something. I thought it was such a lovely idea.

I bought a couple of packet mixes from Tesco which we haven't tried before and the girls got on with baking. Unicorn cupcakes for Ellie and chocolate brownies for Becky!

2 boxes of cake mixes. Unicorn fairy cakes and chocolate brownies.

I was only there to bring extra things from the kitchen that they needed. lol. The age my girls are now they are quite capable of following the instructions on a box. Well mostly they are. Ellie may have forgotten to add the butter to her cake mix. Oops.

Amazingly Ellie's cupcakes turned out really well and without the butter they rose so much, way more than they usually do.

Once the cakes had baked and had cooled the girls got on with decorating them. 

Ellie had butter icing and fondant icing for her unicorn cupcakes and had a fantastic time decorating them. She loved that the icing was pink and loved making the horns. She decided they needed more so she gave them eyes too and a couple even had smiles!

5 unicorn cupcakes

Becky's brownies were the easiest to decorate. It was already mixed for her and all she had to do was squeeze it out of the packet. It smelled amazing, just like mint Aero's.

We took my great Aunt a cake and some of the brownie to try and she was very impressed. Hooray!


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  1. I love that your results look real and home-made. Nothing as much fun as baking with children except perhaps eating the ymmmy things afterwards #MMBC