Wednesday 20 February 2019

Making bath bombs with the So Bomb DIY, 3 Pack Bath Bomb Kit!

My girls and I are a big lover of bath bombs so when we were given the chance to review a kit from Canal Toys where we could make our own we jumped at the chance. We were sent the So Bomb DIY, 3 Pack Bath Bomb Kit to have a look at.

This fun kit comes with everything you need to create 3 bath bombs, each with a surprise figure to hide inside.

Inside the box there is 3 bags of baking soda, 3 bags of citric acid powder, 1 bag of decorative sprinkles, 3 surprise characters, 3 moulds, a mini pipette and instructions.

To make the bath bombs you pour the baking soda mix into a bowl, take a pipette of water and mix it in, then you add the packet of citric acid powder and add it to the bowl. When everything is mixed you can add sprinkles to the mould and then the powder you have just mixed and don't forget the surprise character. When the moulds are filled they slot together to make the bath bomb! 

Every ingredient is already coloured, fragranced and measured out so there is no messing about. You can even combine the coloured powders to create a marbled effect.

In theory it all sounds easy enough but between opening the box and getting started we lost the pipette so guessed with the amount of water. I don't remember seeing one but we made do. It was a learning process. It turns out if there is too much water the mixture fizzes. To be honest, Ellie loved it! She wasn't too fussed that it went wrong. 

We did better with the green one but the yellow one we got the amount of water just right and the bath bomb worked out perfectly.

When you add the right amount of water the bath bombs are easy to make and they look fantastic too with the sprinkles in

We did made these around lunchtime and Ellie went in the bath at about 7pm and the bath bombs were set. I wouldn't say they smelled of anything but they fizzed in the bath and everything dissolved which is what bath bombs are supposed to do.

When we started making these I wasn't too sure that I would buy Ellie them again but by the time we had finished I sure would. She had great fun, even when they didn't work out and it felt like we have got the hang of making them. Ellie has some pocket money and she is going to buy another set as she liked them so much.

The So Bomb DIY, 3 Pack has a RRP of £9.99 and is available from leading retailers nationwide. 

These would make great gifts or a pocket money toy.

We were sent the So Bomb DIY, 3 Pack Bath Bomb Kit free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Violet is obsessed with Lush, so I'm thinking this will be a nice little extra for her birthday in June. Thanks for the review!

  2. These look fun to make! They are great value for just £9.99 and like you said, they would make a lovely gift. x