Wednesday 27 February 2019

Building time is play time with Strictly Briks - Review!

My youngest loves to build things whether it be with Lego, Meccano, K'nex, or random things from around the house. She will build everything and anything. We keep joking with her saying she is going to be an engineer or an architect when she's older.

Recently we were sent a selection of building blocks and bases from a brand called Strictly Briks.

Strictly Briks encourage kids to create and build. The opportunities for creativity are endless as your child can combine sets together and build an infinite amount of creations.

Each baseplate can be stacked vertically by using the bonus Briks as spacers and there is plenty of use for them as long as you have an imagination! 

Strictly Briks are compatible with all leading brick brands and offer a range of brick packages to suit everyone. I looked on Amazon and they come in plenty of different sizes and colours. One of the sets we were sent has 6 baseplates which are 10” by 10” and includes 50 colourful stackers are just £29.99!

Strictly Briks are not affiliated with or endorsed by Lego or Duplo but to be honest I couldn't tell. There isn't much difference in quality. They are strong and will probably get years of use!

Since we received them on Saturday Ellie has been playing with them non-stop. She has build houses, beds for her dolls, schools, stages for her dolls to dance on and goodness knows what else, I am struggling to keep track.

Ellie thinks they are fantastic and has already said she wants some more so she can build higher and higher. I think they will be added to her birthday list as they are something which are going to get a lot of use and will last for years!

We were sent these Strictly Briks free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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