Tuesday 5 February 2019

Fruit snacks and treats from Fruit Bowl - Review!

I am always on the look out for different snacks for my girls to eat. They sometimes take packed lunches to school and every evening come in wanting something to snack on before they have their tea. I was recently contacted and asked if we would like to have a look and try of some of the Fruit Bowl products!

The Fruit Bowl company create fruit snacks and treats. Many of these contribute towards your 5 a day, making it easier for you to give your children healthy snacks that they enjoy!

The range of Fruit Bowl products include:
Peelers, School Bars, Fruit Flakes, Yogurt Flakes and Yogurt Coated Raisins.

Peelers are 100% fruit, six sticky stranded snacks that are a fun way for children to eat fruit. Available in three flavours. Blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry, they are gluten-free, contain no added sugar, are vegetarian/vegan friendly and a simple way to make sure your child is getting just what they need.

School Bars are also made with real fruit. Each school bar is packed full of fruity flavour that contains only naturally occurring sugars. Choose from 4 flavours, blackcurrant, apple, raspberry and strawberry to make sure your little one tops up their fruit intake.

Fruit Flakes are soft, chewy fruit pieces made from fruit purées which are perfect for tiny fingers. Fruit Flakes are gluten-free and have no added sugar. Available in Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango and Blackcurrant flavours, Fruit Flakes are colourful, sweet and tangy with each 18g bag having the same sugar content as a whole apple.

Yogurt Flakes come in three flavours, strawberry, raspberry & blackcurrant and are little fruit pieces created from pureed real fruit pieces which are then covered in delicious yogurt. The Yogurt Flakes are gluten-free, great for baking and perfect as an on-the-go or lunchbox treat. 

Becky my teen will eat all the fruit but Ellie is a little more picky and sometimes I do worry that she isn't eating enough so something like these are fantastic for her. She thinks they are more of a treat than fruit and is a lot more willing to eat them.

They are not just fun they are actually very tasty too. I could see myself eating these especially the blackcurrant yogurt flakes they were delicious and I could have easily eaten about 10 packets. lol

The girls have already asked me to add more to our normal weekly shop and I will be. They are fab to pop in their packed lunches or to eat just as a snack!

Fruit Bowl’s products are available in Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, The Co-Op, Asda, Waitrose and on Ocado.

We were sent samples of the Fruit Bowl products in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Oh we love these, they are so tasty. My favourite are the yogurt flakes.

  2. Hi Kim, what a tasty selection of treats perfect for an energy boost. Yogurt coated flakes and raisins sound morish & I'd happily de-tenticle an octopus if it was fruity enough!


  3. Always like hearing about new foodie treats especially if children will like them too. Love the name - too me back to memories of my late Mum's glass fruit bowl and how she loved her pears in particular - must be in a nostalgia mood tonight/this morning. #MMBC

  4. Sadly my grandson choked on the octopus one, even though it was a string and cut in small pieces. Apparently they swell up!!. Won't be getting them again!!