Monday 4 February 2019

Our weekly meal plan. 4th - 10th Feb! #MealPlanningMonday

Last weeks meal plan went pretty well considering I was full of cold. When I have a cold I have no problem eating I just struggle to get motivated to cook. lol I think I have finally shaken this cold off so it's back to normal this week. 

We ate everything I planned last week but we did cheat a little on Saturday and got takeaway burgers instead of making them. While Stu was picking our tea up he saw that the local chippy has started selling deep fried, battered Mars Bars and got us a couple to try. Ellie refused it. She said it was wrong but Becky and I ate them. They were amazing. They shouldn't work but do! 

Stu is off work this week. He has holidays to use up before April so has a week now, is back to work for a week and then has the week off for half term when the kids are off school too.

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Prawn cocktail salad.
Tuesday -  Slow cooker meatballs.
Wednesday - Chicken fajitas.
Friday - A stir fry of some sort! 
Saturday - Home made pizza.
Sunday - Sausage casserole and mash.


  1. Hope your feeling better. your meals sound delicious :)

  2. I've never tried a deep fried Mars bar, maybe I should?!

  3. I Have never tried a deep fried Mars Bar but I can see how they work, it's just like banana fritters, I mean if you say deep fried banana it sounds weird too. Your menu this week sounds nice. I fancy some meatballs myself. We went off fajitas but started doing fajita past bake which works nice.

  4. I have never tried deep fried mars bars. They sound crazy! A pineapple fritter is about as far as I would go, I am glad you enjoyed them though. #mmbc

  5. love the sound of the crushed potatoes with the tuna and the dep fryed mars bar

  6. Your meal plan for the week sounds delicious! Thanks for linking up x