Friday 8 February 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Company! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This week has gone in a blur. Stu has been off work. He had holidays to use up before April and took this past week off. He is back to work next week and has another week off when the kids are off school.

I do love when he is off work. He helps around the house, he drinks a lot of tea so it means when he makes himself a cuppa he makes me one too, we get to do all the jobs that we never find time to do on his normal days off and as much as I like being home alone most days the company is nice.

I had a bit of a to-do with an e-cigarette company this week. I use one and have used to the same online company for about a year but my last two orders haven't been delivered without hassle. They will gladly accept orders when they don't have the items in stock and then just leave me waiting. Ugh! The final straw came when the person sorting my order insisted on calling me Karen despite me telling him my name was Kim. It was childish but I started calling him Simon instead of Steve. lol I am waiting for a refund & I have found a new company to use. Hmmf.

Ellie has had a fab week. She was invited to a birthday party and we of course had to go shopping for a present for her friend. It is so easy to buy for your own child but for someone else's is a bit trickier! While we were out we walked past the charity shop and Ellie started screeching. She had spotted something in the window.

You all know about Monkey! Ellie's favourite soft toy. It goes everywhere with her and I know it's not monkey and of course there is a story behind it. Ellie saw a monkey she wanted but I said we'll look around other shops before you buy the first thing you see. When we went back the monkey had gone and a lion was in it's place. She got it and named it monkey. lol

We have never seen anything similar to Monkey until Wednesday! Monkey now has a friend. Little Monkey is still her favourite of course but she said now Big Monkey is there to keep Little Monkey company while she's at school. 

When were coming out of the charity shop we saw a friend who knows all about Monkey and we showed her the new one and she screeched in excitement just like Ellie did. It really made me chuckle.


  1. How lovely to have Stu home this week. The e-cigarette company sounds like a a nightmare, and getting your name repeatedly wrong even when corrected is poor customer service. It made me giggle that you responded in kind! Hope they process your refund quickly. I love that Ellie found a little Monkey to go with her Monkey - I can imagine what her reaction to seeing it must have been like! #WotW

  2. I never know what to buy for other people's kids, I usually go with something creative or some books as you just don't know what they are in to. Yay for Ellie finding a companion for monkey, love the story behind it too. I can't stand bad customer service, glad you've found an alternative company to go with. #wotw

  3. Oh yes. As they get older it's so difficult to buy for your children's friends. I thought it was hard enough to buy for the girls, but tween boys are even more difficult. I'm chuckling over you calling the salesman by the wrong name. I wonder if he noticed. Lovely to have Stu home. Must have felt like a holiday for you too. I can imagine Ellie was jumping with excitement finding another Monkey. Love the story of how he got his name. Hope you have a good week. #wotw

  4. It is lovely having an extra pair of hands. It is frustrating when companies can't do their job right. Awww how cute with the monkey X #wotw

  5. Oh I feel like screeching about big monkey too, how lovely to find a friend. I hate it when people call me by the wrong name, I get it all the time in e-mails. Funnily enough, I don't mind being called Raisie though. Thanks for linking up to #wotw