Saturday 7 September 2019

Week 36 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

It has been a big week for my girls. One started college and the other a new school! I can now say we are well and truly settled in our new home. 

I feel like I have been a bit rubbish at taking photos this week. Most days I have taken just the one. I've had too much on my mind worrying about how the kids were getting on.

I am glad the weekend is here. It's the start of Becky's birthday celebrations. She will be at college on Tuesday on her birthday so tonight we're getting a takeaway and I've bought some sweet treats then on Tuesday we're having a party tea and of course cake.

Now for a photo every day!

241/365 - 31st August
Fajita's for tea. I usually use a frozen, ready made one but making it mostly from scratch is much nicer.

242/365 - 1st September
Becky was getting her bag ready for college. She was nervous about getting the bus and meeting new people but she did great. She made it to college, met new people and had a fantastic time.

243/365 - 2nd September
I am so lazy when it comes to making mashed potatoes. I cheat and buy already peeled one's.

244/365 - 3rd September
I sorted out the paper work for Ellie starting her new school. I really should have done it earlier but left it until the last minute and still ended up missing a form to fill in. I had to go back into school on Thursday.

245/365 - 4th September
Ellie started her new school and had a brilliant day! I spent all day worrying but I really shouldn't have.

246/365 - 5th September
It felt so strange having Becky home. She's only in college 3 days a week. Thursday and Friday are home study days and as they didn't really do any work there was nothing to study so we went to my dad's and for a bike ride.

247/365 - 6th September
I will never learn. I should sort and fold the washing when I bring it in off the line but I never do.

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  1. Oh wow....I must admit I never realised you can get peeled potatoes!

    Please that the girls have settled it to their school/college!

    I am craving fajitas now..haven't had them in ages!!

  2. Glad to hear both girls settled in fine. I use a seasoning jar for fajitas - had them on Friday. Yum. Get the girls to peel the potatoes for you. N loves peeling veg

  3. What a big week for the girls. I'm glad it went so well for them. It must be nice having Becky at home for a couple of days a week.

  4. Glad to hear that the girls are settling in so well - it must be a big relief. I usually use a jar for fajitas.

  5. Definitely a big week for both girls, and sounds as if it has gone well for both of them. Sounds as if you are all settling in really well Kim x

  6. Hope the week went well for both girls, a big step for both of them #365

  7. Glad the girls are enjoying their new school and college and you've settled into your new home

  8. Great to know you've all settled in your new home.
    Frozen ready made fajitas? Already peeled potatoes? Someone's cheating their way to making food this week :P

  9. I'm glad Ellie settled in her new school. I don't think we ever stop worrying about our kids. I spent all of Tuesday worried about Zach being at preschool for his first day back but he loved it. Then on Thursday I let Matthew walk the last bit of the school run on his own and was scared of him crossing 2 roads by himself (one has a lollipop lady and the other is one way but it was a huge step for us both!) #project365

  10. What an important week for the girls. Sounds like it went really well, I hope they have had another equally good week. It will be lovely that you will have Becky home a bit more. Fajitas are one of our favourites, I have to cook them every couple of weeks!

  11. Great to know you've all settled in your new home. Impressive food hacks xx