Thursday 19 September 2019

Snacking on the kids leftovers.

It’s no secret that us parents often sneak a chip or two off  our children’s plates but new stats reveal that this extra eating is causing us to pile on the pounds with the average Brit gaining half a stone each year thanks to picking at their kids food alone!

I am guilty of this! I don't just pick at their food before I give it to them I eat their leftovers too! It seems daft throwing it into the bin when I could eat it, usually if they have had their tea before me which sometimes happens, especially if they come in from school/college and are hangry!

Fish fingers, chicken nuggets, spaghetti hoops, chips and Alphabet or Smiley potato shapes always taste the best when stolen from a plate. Proper kid food as my teen calls it. She always rolls her eyes when I say we're having fish fingers, spaghetti hoops and chips. She thinks she's too old for that food but when it's given to her she always wolfs it down and loves it!

The average Brit consumes an extra 443 calories a week from polishing off their children’s leftovers during term time with this jumping to 506 calories during the school holidays!

The kids won't eat crusts on their sandwiches so when I am making them I will eat the crusts even if I am making myself a sandwich afterwards. Oops.

41% of us admit we’ve secretly hoped our child wouldn’t finish their pudding so we could finish it! I know I have. My girls get puddings most evenings and sometimes they are just too nice and I always want more than my own portion. I have been known to try and convince them that they may not like the pudding that I am serving up just so I can get an extra portion or two. hehehe

Trifle and any type of crumble is my favourite leftover desserts to eat. The kids never seem to leave much though. Hmmf!

If picking from our children’s dinner plates wasn’t enough, we’re also racking up the calories by sharing their snacks. 12% of us admit we eat our kid's snacks every time we give them one. 

I am guilty of this too. Kids snacks are the best! I am a massive fan of the Fruit Bowl blackcurrant yogurt flakes, the little boxes of raisins, Frubes, Babybel, Dairylea Dunkers and crisps aimed at kids like Pom Bears and Wotsits.

Do you snack on food that is meant for your kids?


  1. I'm terrible for picking at the kids stuff! I've really had to retrain my brain, also having a dog helps lol x

  2. These stats don't surprise me - a potato waffle here, a chicken nugget there - it all adds up!! #MMBC

  3. Sometimes I am guilty but normally take it to the kitchen and smear it with washing up liquid, less appetizing then lol X #mmbc

  4. All the time! And I have to agree cheese and onion Pom Bears are amazing! ;) x