Wednesday 25 September 2019

Our Autumn bucket list.

I love this time of year, especially when it's still warm out but not sweltering. I like the darker nights and now we're settled I think we can have a good try at a bucket list even after our summer one didn't go to well.

Go blackberry picking and bake with them.
Buy some autumn scented candles.
Carve a pumpkin.
Toast marshmallows on an open fire.
Make a Halloween playlist on Spotify.
Find some conkers and have a conker fight.
Make some homemade soup from scratch.
Go trick or treating.
Take lots of photos of the changing season.
Go blackberry picking.
Watch some scary films (not too scary though)
Make toffee apples.
Get some new boots.
Take a flask of hot chocolate on a bike ride.
Make Halloween cupcakes.
Play in the leaves.
Get some Halloween bath bombs from Lush.
Put some Halloween decorations up.
Make some bird feeders.
Bake cookies and eat them warm from the oven.
Get some new jumpers.
Plant something for spring.
Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Go to a Fireworks Display.
Start Christmas shopping.

Do you have any fun plans for Autumn?


  1. You've already done the first one , haven't you? That's a brilliant start. I actually don't like pumpkin anything, I think I'm on my own in this lol x

  2. Oh fab list! I'm in the middle of doing ours. Love the flask of hot chocolate on a bike ride and watching scary films! I'm a complete horror buff. Have fun working through your list. x

  3. I need to make an Autumn bucket list.The first thing that is going on is to paint some pinecones #MMBC

  4. Oh I should do this! Time is whizzing by at the moment so would be good to make a list x

  5. We don't normally do an autumn list, never thought about it. We have done the blackberry picking tho; Rachel came with me once but I'm mostly on my own with it!