Saturday 21 September 2019

Week 38 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

I don't know where this week has gone. It seems to have flown over. I've been for a day out shopping with my teen, to my dad's helping him out with some painting and I don't seem to have stopped.

The washing machine still hasn't been fixed. Two weeks without it has been no fun. Thankfully my dad and his partner have came to the rescue and let me use their washing machine. The company that we have the repair plan with had until today to fix it so now we can request a replacement. I bet as soon as we do the part turns up and they're out to fix it. I am past caring, I just need a working washing machine.

Now for a photo every day.

255/365 - 14th September
We were sent a couple of dolls to review. The difference from these and normal fashion dolls is they come with a green screen and an app to use to change the background, hair and make up. It's really quite clever.

256/365 - 15th September
My dad did some of our washing. He wouldn't didn't dry it though. I'm not complaining, I am so grateful.

257/365 - 16th September
The chicken casserole spent all day in the slow cooker. It was so good.

258/365 - 17th September
Ellie had her first proper cookery lesson at school. She made bread rolls.

259/365 - 18th September
Ellie rushed in from school, did her homework and then rushed out to play with her friends.

260/365 - 19th September
Another pretty sky.

261/365 - 20th September
Becky getting ready to go out with her friends.

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  1. It must be driving you mad having no washing machine! Thank goodness your dad can help you out. Your slow cooker dinner sounds good. I sometimes wonder if we should get one, but we would need two - one for the vegetarians and one for the meat eaters!

  2. What a nightmare not to have a working washing machine for two weeks, poor you. The sky looks very pretty and colourful. Well done to Ellie for making the bread rolls. The dolls sound fun, with all the accessories.

  3. Your stew does look tasty. How annoying about the washing machine! Hope you manage to get a new one now given that the repair company have let you down.

  4. What a nightmare without a washing machine. If ours goes down we can nip to the farm, but it's hard to find a slot there when I'm not at work. Hope it gets sorted out soon. The bread rolls look good -

  5. Having no washing machine is a nightmare! Makes you wonder what we did before them.
    Your chicken casserole looks lovely. I love my slow cooker.

  6. lovely to read they both have new friends to go out with after school/college
    we had quite a few pretty skies last week as well.
    great your dad saved the day and did some washing for you, your poor new machine will be worn out in the first week.....

  7. That's not good about the washing machine, how frustrating for you. Great the kids are settling in so well and making friends and it must be lovely for you to be spending time with your dad

  8. Oh goodness I couldn't cope without a washing machine. I love the slow cooked dinner, I love using mine. Always smells so good too x #365

  9. What a nightmare, I hope it's been fixed or replsced by now. What a stunning sky! #365

  10. The doll idea sounds cool. Sorry you've had issued over the washing machine. The chicken casserole and bread rolls look great!the sky looks beautiful and your daughters are looking cute as always 😊

  11. Oh no about the washing machine! I am hoping it is fixed or you have a new one now? There is no way I could cope without one. That sky is beautiful and the dolls sound like a great idea. I really need to get into using a slow cooker it would make our lives so much easier.

  12. I don't think I would cope for that long without my washing machine! I love the purple tones in the sky pic #project365