Saturday 25 July 2020

Week 30 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Ahh! The first week of the summer holidays was a relaxed one. We didn't really do much different from what we've done for the last couple of months. There was no school work and it feels like it's taken all the pressure off.

I have been busy doing online shopping. Birthday pressies for Ellie, a new laptop for Becky for her birthday and I made a start on the back to school things. I'm feeling very organised.

Now for a photo every day.

The kids in from the parked soaked and Monkey the soft toy sat on the arm of the sofa.
Sausages in buns with ketchup and mustard on
Gardening gloves and a trowel and my youngest playing Fortnite on her PC
The board game Monopoly and me wearing a mask

200/366 - 18th July
The kids had been out and got caught in the rain. They weren't too fussed that they were soaked. Of course they didn't have coats on, just hoodies.

201/366 - 19th July
Just me and Monkey watching TV. (I know, he's a lion but he's called Monkey. lol) The kids had no interest in watching Labyrinth, they really do hate that film. It's one of my favourites.

202/366 - 20th July
Sausages in buns for tea. It was supposed to be a nice and simple meal until the kids realised that there was no mustard so it was a quick run to the shop to get some.

203/366 - 21st July
I always thought people exaggerated about how much weeding there was to do in gardens but I totally get it now. It is a never ending job! 

204/366 - 22nd July
My youngest and her friend were playing Fortnite on the PC's. Stu's and Ellie's computers. It's a great way to keep them socially distanced. hehehe

205/366 - 23rd July
The kids are obsessed with playing Monopoly at the moment. On Wednesday it was Eliie, Becky and Becky's girlfriend and Thursday it was Becky, Ellie and Ellie's friend.

206/366 - 24th July
I wore a mask when I went to the local auction and survived. I did get a little hot but it was a hot day and the building is hot anyway. They are great for hiding spots and me mouthing "idiot" under my breath to people. It's a shame it couldn't hide my puffy eyes, hayfever kicked my butt yesterday.

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  1. Sounds like a great week, chilling out and not bothering about hassling the kids to do their work - bliss ! You made me laugh with your face mask comment - I don't bother fake smiling at school any more, but I'll have to remember to start again when we stop wearing them ! lol. I'm not a mustard fan so I'd have sat down with my hot dog and sent the kids to the shop ! Pierre got into playing Monopoly during lockdown but I was the only one willing to play with him - aaaggghhh !

  2. Nice chilled out week. We like a game of monopoly too, although N and I have very different strategies. I need to get a plain mask for N. I got him a navy with tiny white dots on but he turned his nose up at it. But then we could twin (or the OH), because the one that was originally sent for N wasn't a kids size like I ordered. So waiting for another of he correct size to be sent.

  3. Weeding is a nightmare. You get it done and its like the weeds spring up again overnight!

    I used to love Labyrinth too!

  4. Sorry to hear about the hayfever. Being able to mutter about people was my husband's favourite part of wearing the mask too! Monopoly is a very good way of filling time in the school holidays, as long as nobody cheats! Weeding is an absolute nightmare. I do mine every Saturday, but I never get completely on top of it.

  5. I haven't played Monopoly for years! We do play a lot of board games tho as a family! My youngest still plays fortnite, I used to play with him but I play Warzone now!

  6. Nice collection of photos - my favorite is monkey! #MMBC

  7. Hope your hayfever has eased. What's the trigger right now? Sash has a bad hayfever earlier in the year, but by late July, early August his is usually going down. We haven't played Monopoly in a long while, maybe I should get it out to play on a rainy day like today. Hot dogs with ketchup and mustard sound tasty. And yes, weeding is never-ending, unfortunately.

  8. One of the biggest reasons why I keep telling my husband we should have just planted grass where all our gardens are is that I can not stand all the weeding! It seems like it is never ending.

  9. the joy of this heat is you can happily get wet in the rain
    My hay fever has been playing up as well, really itchy eyes.
    Nice to have something quick and easy for a meal. oopppsss at the no mustard.

  10. Love the photo of Monkey watching Labyrinth. I haven't seen it in years but wasn't overly keen on it as a child. Sausages in buns is always a hit here for tea. Sorry that you've been suffering with hayfever. There are some bonuses to wearing masks - and being able to mouth 'idiot' without people noticing is definitely one of them! :-) #project366

  11. The masks are so good for mouthing stuff at idiots aren't they, I just have to make sure its not audible LOL

  12. You are good getting organised for back to school! You are making me think I better get cracking on that too. I quite like Labyrinth, my boys have watched it once and enjoyed it but not seen it since. Yes weeds are a right pain! I feel really glad when I have done a good job of my garden but they grow back too fast! x

  13. Busy week! It took me a while to get used to wearing masks - it’s been mandatory for a while where I live now, and it’s compulsory in stores. I’m hoping it doesn’t become the norm forever. I love the film Labyrinth such a good one. Hmmm...I love a pretty well kept garden, we currently have the worst looking one in our street. Oops.

  14. I love the freedom a mask gives me to pass comments on idiotic behaviour, mind you quite often I just comment out loud. I haven't played monopoly for years, Peter doesn't like board games. Shame the girls got wet, but they really don't look fussed by it

  15. How can anyone hate Labyrinth??? I love Monopoly but Chris won't play against me as he says I'm too competitive... #project366

  16. The sausages in buns look ace but yes, mustard is always needed with them... ohhhh and fried onions too! :) Sounds like you are gearing up for a few birthdays on your side, I hope everyone has a fantastic time! I've been wearing masks all the way through, they do hide a multitude of sins... like the spot I had a few weeks ago and like you say... you can mouth things at people too! ;) Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  17. Great to see that they've enjoyed the rain! Wow, a lion called Monkey? The hot dogs look tempting. oOoOoO I love Monopoly. Your hair looks great. It must be tough being hot but safety matters more

  18. I had to giggle at you muttering under your mask at people - I would so do that too. My hayfever has kicked in over the last couple of weeks, but it's ok if I take a tablet in the morning and the evening.