Wednesday 1 July 2020

What I loved in June 2020!

June has gone in a flash. We're on the home run now to the end of the school term which I am so glad about. I can't wait until we don't have to do home schooling anymore. It was fun to start with but now it's becoming a bit of a battle especially since we've had warmer weather. I should think myself lucky that I have just got one child to home school, I think it would be much harder teaching 2 children of different ages and abilities. Becky has officially finished her health & social care college course and is already signed up for the higher course starting in September. 

Where we live.
We have been living here a year now and I couldn't ask for a better place to live. As much as I complain about the neighbours they could be worse. Now we are able to meet up with people (socially distanced of course) it has been lovely to see my dad, Becky's girlfriend and Ellie's best friend and her mum. We are lucky to have just about everything we need nearby and have managed with Stu only having one trip into the big town since the lock down started in March. I feel so grateful to live here. Just under a year ago I blogged about how it was "A whole new world". We still feel so much happier here and more relaxed and I still haven't got sick of the view of the fields out of the back bedroom windows.

My garden.
It has been amazing to see everything growing thanks to the rain we had in the middle of the month. The flowerbeds have bloomed and we have a ton of bees, the peas I've been growing have pea pods on them and I have started feeding the birds. It is a pleasure to sit out there, I did last week and did a bit of my cross stitch. 

Becky's girlfriend.
I have got to know her a little better over the last month. She has been visiting once a week since some of the lock down restrictions were lifted and she really is a lovely lass. She is one of those people you can have a laugh with but also a sensible conversation. She gets on with us all and even makes time to always have a chat with Ellie which I think is so sweet. She is such a thoughtful and kind person.

The Salisbury Poisonings
It was a drama on ITV over 3 nights and I wasn't going to watch it until I saw people mentioning it on Twitter. It is a fact based drama relating the events that took place in the small UK city of Salisbury in March 2018, when a former Russian solider and his daughter were poisoned.

I saw bits about it when it was happening on the news but I didn't know how bad things were and could have been. It was a fantastic drama and had me shocked and sobbing by the end of it.

Chupa Chups Drinks.

I few weeks ago I didn't know these existed but they're my favourite treat now. The orange one just tastes like Fanta or Tango but the strawberry & cream one is so good and tastes just like the lollies. They are lovely chilled with ice in, perfect for the hot days we've been having.

Big Brother: Best Shows Ever.
On E4 they were showing the best episodes of Big Brother and it was fantastic fun to watch them with Becky. She has heard about some of the famous episodes but hadn't seen them. In my opinion there were too many of the celebrity one's but the normal one's they did show were brilliant! The one from the first series where Nasty Nick was caught out was fantastic to watch again. Just imagine if social media had been around then. It would have been amazing to see! 

What did you love in June?


  1. I loved the Salisbury poisonings too and like you . did not understand how serious it was at the time x

  2. It sounds like you are all so happy in your new home and have a much better lifestyle. xx

  3. What a lovely month you've had. I can't believe it's been a year since you moved house, that time has flown by!
    Your flowers look so pretty, it's nice to sit out and look at them isn't it?!
    Aw, I'm so glad that Becky has found someone nice. She's such a lovely girl.
    Now I'm off to find out who sells those Chupa Chups drinks near me. xx