Thursday 23 July 2020

Why you should be faking it when it comes to takeaways!

We all know that takeaways are bad for our waistlines, bank balances and the planet and we now only have one a month as a payday treat and tend to make a fakeaway on a Saturday night which still seems like a treat! For a while a lot of our nearby takeaways were closed because of coronavirus and to be honest we didn't miss them.

Making takeaway style food at home rather than ordering it in is good for so many reasons:

It’s better for your health!
Eating takeaways adds to our waistlines and our overall health can suffer due to the large amounts of calories, fat and salt hidden in takeaway meals. Cooking your own meal at home means that it is healthier using fresh ingredients and you can cook it however you please, you don't have to fry and use a ton of oil, you can choose leaner cuts of meat and not add any salt at all.

It can save you time!
Choosing a takeaway might seem a time saver but, in most cases, you can put together your own fakeaway in less time than it takes to order and wait for the delivery. By the time you've looked through the menu, decided what you want, phoned or ordered online and then waited for it to be delivered an hour and a half could have passed. I know that's the case for us.

It’s easier to control portions!
Every time we get a takeaway I always order too much and I always end up eating far too much too. If it's in front of me I feel like I have to eat it! Takeaways come in huge portions, far exceeding recommended serving sizes and it's so easy to get carried away ordering if you're hungry!

They’re great for reducing waste!
On top of big portions it’s also easy to order in way too much takeaway food which ends up going into the bin. I don't like to reheat things like Chinese takeaway, the only thing I will eat the next day is pizza.

You can create meals to suit your needs!
Nut free, vegan, gluten free, low carb, dairy free. Making your own fakeaway means that you can control what goes into your meals. I used to get migraines when I ate cheese so always used to make my own pizza's without the cheese. It saved a small fortune.

You can save lots of money!
We can easily spend £30 on a takeaway and everything we buy can be made at home for a fraction of the cost! It seems daft buying a takeaway when what we pay is nearly half of our shopping budget per week.

It’s better for the environment!
Takeaways also come at an extra cost to the environment. Greenhouse gases are created as a result of producing, packaging, transporting, storing and cooking food. One study has estimated that 2,025 million takeaway containers are used each year with plastic ones being the worst for the environment. Even the cardboard pizza boxes can't be recycled once they have had food in them. 

Do you eat many takeaways? Have you thought about making your own at home?

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